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“I seemed to be smothering” “I suffered with irregular periods, was weak and run-down, could not eat and had headaches.  The worst symptoms were dragging down pains, so bad I sometimes thought I would go crazy and I seemed to be smothering.  I was in this condition for two or three years and could not seem to work.  I tried all kinds of remedies but received no benefit.  I found one of your booklets and felt inclined to try Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.  I received the best results from it and now I keep house and go out to work and am like a new woman.”  Mrs. J.F.  PEASEY, 387 King St. West, Toronto, Ontario.


Use jelly tumblers to bake custards in.

Use soldier’s long wristers to make gaiters for a baby; just sew an elastic band at the bottom.

Use cold cream jars to keep pepper, allspice, and other spices in, and label with a sticker or a piece of surgeon’s plaster.

Instead of the usual dust cap, cut a three-cornered piece of cheese-cloth, hemming the two sides without selvedge and tie around the head with the point at the back of your neck.

To avoid giving out fresh napkins at every meal, write each name on a spring clothes-pin and pin to the napkin.  You can name your face towel in this way when camping out.

When cleaning fish use scissors in place of a knife and if it is to be scaled dip it first into boiling water.

Do you keep on taking your medicine when you begin to improve, or do you stop taking it, trusting that you are on the road to recovery and no more medicine is needed, even if you have been sick for months and are having your first hours of relief from pains and nervousness?

Have taken it faithfully” “For five years I suffered with pains in my back and from other troubles women often have.  All of this time I was unfit for work and was taking different medicines that I thought were good.  I saw the advertisement in the papers of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound and have taken it faithfully.  I am now in good health and do all my own work.  I recommend it to others and give you permission to publish this letter in your little books and in the newspapers as a testimonial.”  Mrs. D. Cassady, Box 461, Paris, Ontario.

House-cleaning hints

To clean a painted wall wash it with saleratus water; about one tablespoonful of saleratus to a quart of warm water.

A piece of zinc placed on the glowing coals will clean the chimney of soot.

A little lye put in paste will make wall-paper stick.

To drive a nail into plaster, heat it very hot and the plaster will not break.

To drive nails or screws into hard wood always rub them over with soap and they will go in easily and will not split the wood.

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