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So one morning, after packing up all her worldly possessions, she kissed the little boys, embraced her sisters, shook hands with the rest, bade them all farewell, and departed never to return.



Esther is living with her friends the Van Amburgh’s, on their farm in the woods.  The ghosts do not torment her now.  With the Van Amburghs she has a quiet, peaceful home.  One thing is certain, if she returned to Dan’s cottage manifestations would, in a short time, become as powerful as ever, and Heaven only knows where the matter would end.

The author went to see her at the farm, On August 1st, 1879, and found her making a patch-work quilt, on which she stopped working every few minutes to play with the little children.  She informed him that she read her Bible regularly every day, and was contented and happy.  Before departing he advised her to pray earnestly that she might never again, be possessed by devils.  She promised to take his advice.  So hoping that her prayers would be answered, he bade her farewell forever.

In Dan’s little cottage all is now harmony and peace.  Pretty Jane still tends her plants with loving care.  Olive works as hard as ever, and so does honest Dan.  And there may they reside for years to come, enjoying the blessings which the virtuous always receive from the hands of Providence.

Reader, a word.  This account of the “Haunted House,” in which Esther Cox suffered so much, and the author had such a remarkable experience, is no fanciful creation of the imagination, but really what it is claimed to be,—­“A True Ghost Story.”


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