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The reports of the studies relating to vocational education were published in a series of eight separate monograph volumes.  The names of the reports and the previous experience in educational and investigational work of each member of the Survey Staff are as follows: 

“Boys and Girls in Commercial Work”—­Bertha M. Stevens; teacher in elementary and secondary schools; agent of Associated Charities; secretary of Consumers’ League of Ohio; director of Girls’ Bureau of Cleveland; author of “Women’s Work in Cleveland”; co-author of “Commercial Work and Training for Girls.”
“Department Store Occupations”—­Iris P. O’Leary; head of manual training department, First Pennsylvania Normal School; head of vocational work for girls and women, New Bedford Industrial School; head of girls’ department, Boardman Apprentice Shops, New Haven, Conn.; special investigator of department stores for New York State Factory Investigating Commission; three years’ trade experience as employer and employee; author of books on household arts and department stores; Special Assistant for Vocational Education, State Department of Public Instruction, New Jersey.
“The Garment Trades” and “Dressmaking and Millinery”—­Edna Bryner; teacher in grades, high school, and state normal college; eugenic research worker New Jersey State Hospital; statistical expert in United States Bureau of Labor Investigation of women and child labor; statistical agent United States Post Office Department; Special Agent Russell Sage Foundation.
“The Building Trades,” and “The Printing Trades”—­Frank L. Shaw; teacher in grades and high school; principal of high school; assistant superintendent of schools; superintendent of schools; special agent United States Immigration Commission; special agent United States Census; industrial secretary North American Civic League for Immigrants; author of reports on immigration legislation.
“The Metal Trades”—­R.R.  Lutz; teacher in rural and graded schools; superintendent of schools; secretary of Department of Education of Porto Rico; took part in school surveys of Greenwich, Conn., Bridgeport, Conn., Springfield, Ill., Richmond, Va.; Special Agent Division of Education, Russell Sage Foundation.
“Railroad and Street Transportation”—­Ralph D. Fleming; special agent and investigator for United States Immigration Commission, the Federal Census of Manufacturers, the United States Tariff Board, the Minimum Wage Commission of Massachusetts, the National Civic Federation, and the United States Commission on Industrial Relations.

The work began in April, 1915, and ended in the same month of the following year.  Two members of the staff, with one stenographer and a clerk, were employed during the entire period.  One member of the staff was employed 11 months, one nine months, one approximately five months, and one two months.

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