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Vallandigham, 360

Valley Forge, 116, 129

Van Buren, Martin, 262

Venango, Fort, 59

Venezuela, 482ff., 512

Vermont, 223

Vicksburg, 361

Virginia:  founded, 3.
  See also Royal province, Constitutions, state, Planting system,
    Slavery, Secession, and Immigration

Walpole, Sir Robert, 66

Wars:  colonial, 57ff. 
  Revolutionary, 99ff.
  of 1812, 199ff. 
  Mexican, 282ff. 
  Civil, 344ff. 
  Spanish, 490ff. 
  World, 596ff.

Washington:  warns French, 60
  in French war, 63
  commander-in-chief, 101ff.
  and movement for Constitution, 142ff.
  as President, 166ff. 
  Farewell Address, 178

Washington City, 166

Washington State, 442

Webster, 256, 265, 328

Welfare work, 573

Whigs:  English, 78
  colonial, 83
  rise of party, 260ff., 334, 340

Whisky Rebellion, 171

White Camelia, 382

White Plains, battle, 114

Whitman, Marcus, 284

William and Mary College, 45

Williams, Roger, 5, 42

Wilmot Proviso, 326

Wilson, James, 147

Wilson, Woodrow, election, 533f.
  administrations, 588ff.

Winthrop, John, 3

Wisconsin, admission, 274

Witchcraft, 41

Wollstonecraft, Mary, 556

Women:  colonial, 28
  Revolutionary War, 124
  labor, 305
  education and civil rights, 554ff.
  suffrage, 562ff.

Workmen’s compensation, 549

Writs of assistance, 88

Wyoming, admission, 442

X, Y, Z affair, 180

Yale, 44

Young, Brigham, 290

Zenger, Peter, 48

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* * * * *

[Transcriber’s notes: 

Punctuation normalized in all Underwood and Underwood, N.Y.

Superscripted letters are denoted with a caret.  For example, G^O

Period added after Mass on verso page.  Original read “Mass, U.S.A.”

Chapter I, page 19, period added to pp. 55-159 and pp. 242-244.

Chapter IV, page 61 cooperation changed to cooeperation twice to match rest of text usage.  Also on page 620.

Chapter VI, page 121 changed maneuvered to manoevered.

Chapter VIII, page 185, period added to “Vol.”  Original read “Vol III,”

Chapter X, page 219, changed coordinate to cooerdinate to reflect rest of text usage.

Chapter X, page 234, Italicized habeus corpus to match rest of text.

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