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XXIV.   INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY                                       570
Cooeperation between Employers and Employees              571
The Rise and Growth of Organized Labor                   575
The Wider Relations of Organized Labor                   577
Immigration and Americanization                          582
XXV.   PRESIDENT WILSON AND THE WORLD WAR                         588
Domestic Legislation                                     588
Colonial and Foreign Policies                            592
The United States and the European War                   596
The United States at War                                 604
The Settlement at Paris                                  612
Summary of Democracy and the World War                   620





The Original Grants (color map) Facing 4

German and Scotch-Irish Settlements 8

Distribution of Population in 1790 27

English, French, and Spanish Possessions in America, 1750
      (color map) Facing 59

The Colonies at the Time of the Declaration of Independence
      (color map) Facing 108

North America according to the Treaty of 1783
      (color map) Facing 134

The United States in 1805 (color map) Facing 193

Roads and Trails into Western Territory (color map) Facing 224

The Cumberland Road 233

Distribution of Population in 1830 235

Texas and the Territory in Dispute 282

The Oregon Country and the Disputed Boundary 285

The Overland Trails 287

Distribution of Slaves in Southern States 323

The Missouri Compromise 326

Slave and Free Soil on the Eve of the Civil War 335

The United States in 1861 (color map) Facing 345

Railroads of the United States in 1918 405

The United States in 1870 (color map) Facing 427

The United States in 1912 (color map) Facing 443

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