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G.P.  Brown, Westward Expansion (American Nation Series).

K. Coman, Economic Beginnings of the Far West (2 vols.).

F. Parkman, California and the Oregon Trail.

R.S.  Ripley, The War with Mexico.

W.C.  Rives, The United States and Mexico, 1821-48 (2 vols.).


1.  Give some of the special features in the history of Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

2.  Contrast the climate and soil of the Middle West and the Far West.

3.  How did Mexico at first encourage American immigration?

4.  What produced the revolution in Texas?  Who led in it?

5.  Narrate some of the leading events in the struggle over annexation to the United States.

6.  What action by President Polk precipitated war?

7.  Give the details of the peace settlement with Mexico.

8.  What is meant by the “joint occupation” of Oregon?

9.  How was the Oregon boundary dispute finally settled?

10.  Compare the American “invasion” of California with the migration into Texas.

11.  Explain how California became a free state.

12.  Describe the early economic policy of the Mormons.

=Research Topics=

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=The Annexation of Texas.=—­McMaster, Vol.  VII.  The passages on annexation are scattered through this volume and it is an exercise in ingenuity to make a connected story of them.  Source materials in Hart, American History Told by Contemporaries, Vol.  III, pp. 637-655; Elson, History of the United States, pp. 516-521, 526-527.

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=The Conquest of California.=—­Coman, Vol.  II, pp. 297-319.

=Gold in California.=—­McMaster, Vol.  VII, pp. 585-614.

=The Mormon Migration.=—­Coman, Vol.  II, pp. 167-206.

=Biographical Studies.=—­Fremont, Generals Scott and Taylor, Sam Houston, and David Crockett.

=The Romance of Western Exploration.=—­J.G.  Neihardt, The Splendid Wayfaring.  J.G.  Neihardt, The Song of Hugh Glass.




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