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O Lord, remember David, and that soon. 
  The Glory hath departed, Ichabod! 
  Yet now, before our sun grow dark at noon,
Before we come to nought beneath Thy rod,
  Before we go down quick into the pit, 80
  Remember us for good, O God, our God:—­
Thy Name will I remember, praising it,
  Though Thou forget me, though Thou hide Thy face,
  And blot me from the Book which Thou hast writ;
Thy Name will I remember in my praise
  And call to mind Thy faithfulness of old,
Though as a weaver Thou cut off my days,
  And end me as a tale ends that is told.


(Macmillan’s Magazine, Dec. 1866.)

Oh the cheerful Budding-time! 
  When thorn-hedges turn to green,
When new leaves of elm and lime
  Cleave and shed their winter screen;
Tender lambs are born and ‘baa,’
  North wind finds no snow to bring,
Vigorous Nature laughs ‘Ha, ha,’
  In the miracle of spring.

Oh the gorgeous Blossom-days! 
  When broad flag-flowers drink and blow, 10
In and out in summer-blaze
  Dragon-flies flash to and fro;
Ashen branches hang out keys,
  Oaks put forth the rosy shoot,
Wandering herds wax sleek at ease,
  Lovely blossoms end in fruit.

Oh the shouting Harvest-weeks! 
  Mother earth grown fat with sheaves
Thrifty gleaner finds who seeks;
  Russet-golden pomp of leaves 20
Crowns the woods, to fall at length;
  Bracing winds are felt to stir,
Ocean gathers up her strength,
  Beasts renew their dwindled fur.

Oh the starving Winter-lapse! 
  Ice-bound, hunger-pinched and dim;
Dormant roots recall their saps,
  Empty nests show black and grim,
Short-lived sunshine gives no heat,
  Undue buds are nipped by frost, 30
Snow sets forth a winding-sheet,
  And all hope of life seems lost.


(Macmillan’s Magazine, March 1868.)

Oh what is that country
  And where can it be,
Not mine own country,
  But dearer far to me? 
Yet mine own country,
  If I one day may see
Its spices and cedars,
  Its gold and ivory.

As I lie dreaming
  It rises, that land:  10
There rises before me
  Its green golden strand,
With its bowing cedars
  And its shining sand;
It sparkles and flashes
  Like a shaken brand.

Do angels lean nearer
  While I lie and long? 
I see their soft plumage
  And catch their windy song, 20
Like the rise of a high tide
  Sweeping full and strong;
I mark the outskirts
  Of their reverend throng.

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