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I love and love not:  Lord, it breaks my heart
  To love and not to love. 
Thou veiled within Thy glory, gone apart
  Into Thy shrine, which is above,
Dost Thou not love me, Lord, or care
  For this mine ill?—­
I love thee here or there,
  I will accept thy broken heart, lie still.

Lord, it was well with me in time gone by
  That cometh not again, 10
When I was fresh and cheerful, who but I? 
  I fresh, I cheerful:  worn with pain
Now, out of sight and out of heart;
  O Lord, how long?—­
I watch thee as thou art,
  I will accept thy fainting heart, be strong.

‘Lie still,’ ‘be strong,’ to-day; but, Lord, to-morrow,
  What of to-morrow, Lord? 
Shall there be rest from toil, be truce from sorrow,
  Be living green upon the sward 20
Now but a barren grave to me,
  Be joy for sorrow?—­
Did I not die for thee? 
  Did I not live for thee?  Leave Me to-morrow.


I would have gone; God bade me stay: 
  I would have worked; God bade me rest. 
He broke my will from day to day,
  He read my yearnings unexpressed
    And said them nay.

Now I would stay; God bids me go: 
  Now I would rest; God bids me work. 
He breaks my heart tossed to and fro,
  My soul is wrung with doubts that lurk
    And vex it so. 10

I go, Lord, where Thou sendest me;
  Day after day I plod and moil: 
But, Christ my God, when will it be
  That I may let alone my toil
    And rest with Thee?


We meet in joy, though we part in sorrow;
We part to-night, but we meet to-morrow. 
Be it flood or blood the path that’s trod,
All the same it leads home to God: 
Be it furnace-fire voluminous,
One like God’s Son will walk with us.

What are these that glow from afar,
These that lean over the golden bar,
Strong as the lion, pure as the dove,
With open arms and hearts of love? 10
They the blessed ones gone before,
They the blessed for evermore. 
Out of great tribulation they went
Home to their home of Heaven-content;
Through flood, or blood, or furnace-fire,
To the rest that fulfils desire.

What are these that fly as a cloud,
With flashing heads and faces bowed,
In their mouths a victorious psalm,
In their hands a robe and palm? 20
Welcoming angels these that shine,
Your own angel, and yours, and mine;
Who have hedged us, both day and night
On the left hand and the right,
Who have watched us both night and day
Because the devil keeps watch to slay.

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