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’Friend, My Feet bleed. 
Open thy door to Me and comfort Me.’ 
I will not open, trouble me no more. 20
Go on thy way footsore,
I will not rise and open unto thee.

’Then is it nothing to thee?  Open, see
Who stands to plead with thee. 
Open, lest I should pass thee by, and thou
One day entreat My Face
And howl for grace,
And I be deaf as thou art now. 
Open to Me.’

Then I cried out upon him:  Cease, 30
Leave me in peace: 
Fear not that I should crave
Aught thou mayst have. 
Leave me in peace, yea trouble me no more,
Lest I arise and chase thee from my door. 
What, shall I not be let
Alone, that thou dost vex me yet?

But all night long that voice spake urgently: 
‘Open to Me.’ 
Still harping in mine ears:  40
‘Rise, let Me in.’ 
Pleading with tears: 
‘Open to Me that I may come to thee.’ 
While the dew dropped, while the dark hours were cold: 
’My Feet bleed, see My Face,
See My Hands bleed that bring thee grace,
My Heart doth bleed for thee,
Open to Me.’

So till the break of day: 
Then died away 50
That voice, in silence as of sorrow;
Then footsteps echoing like a sigh
Passed me by,
Lingering footsteps slow to pass. 
On the morrow
I saw upon the grass
Each footprint marked in blood, and on my door
The mark of blood for evermore.


Thou who didst hang upon a barren tree,
My God, for me;
  Though I till now be barren, now at length
  Lord, give me strength
To bring forth fruit to Thee.

Thou who didst bear for me the crown of thorn,
Spitting and scorn;
  Though I till now have put forth thorns, yet now
  Strengthen me Thou
That better fruit be borne. 10

Thou Rose of Sharon, Cedar of broad roots,
Vine of sweet fruits,
  Thou Lily of the vale with fadeless leaf,
  Of thousands Chief,
Feed Thou my feeble shoots.


If I might only love my God and die! 
  But now He bids me love Him and live on,
  Now when the bloom of all my life is gone,
The pleasant half of life has quite gone by. 
My tree of hope is lopped that spread so high,
  And I forget how summer glowed and shone,
  While autumn grips me with its fingers wan
And frets me with its fitful windy sigh. 
When autumn passes then must winter numb,
  And winter may not pass a weary while, 10
    But when it passes spring shall flower again;
  And in that spring who weepeth now shall smile,
    Yea, they shall wax who now are on the wane,
Yea, they shall sing for love when Christ shall come.

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