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Heart answered heart, soul answered soul at rest,
  Double against each other, filled, sufficed:  190
All loving, loved of all; but loving best
  And best beloved of Christ.

I saw that one who lost her love in pain,
  Who trod on thorns, who drank the loathsome cup;
The lost in night, in day was found again;
  The fallen was lifted up.

They stood together in the blessed noon,
  They sang together through the length of days;
Each loving face bent Sunwards like a moon
  New-lit with love and praise. 200

Therefore, O friend, I would not if I might
  Rebuild my house of lies, wherein I joyed
One time to dwell:  my soul shall walk in white,
  Cast down but not destroyed.

Therefore in patience I possess my soul;
  Yea, therefore as a flint I set my face,
To pluck down, to build up again the whole—­
  But in a distant place.

These thorns are sharp, yet I can tread on them;
  This cup is loathsome, yet He makes it sweet:  210
My face is steadfast toward Jerusalem,
  My heart remembers it.

I lift the hanging hands, the feeble knees—­
  I, precious more than seven times molten gold—­
Until the day when from his storehouses
  God shall bring new and old;

Beauty for ashes, oil of joy for grief,
  Garment of praise for spirit of heaviness: 
Although to-day I fade as doth a leaf,
  I languish and grow less. 220

Although to-day He prunes my twigs with pain,
  Yet doth His blood nourish and warm my root: 
To-morrow I shall put forth buds again
  And clothe myself with fruit.

Although to-day I walk in tedious ways,
  To-day His staff is turned into a rod,
Yet will I wait for Him the appointed days
  And stay upon my God.



New Year met me somewhat sad: 
  Old Year leaves me tired,
Stripped of favourite things I had
  Baulked of much desired: 
Yet farther on my road to-day
God willing, farther on my way.

New Year coming on apace
  What have you to give me? 
Bring you scathe, or bring you grace,
Face me with an honest face; 10
  You shall not deceive me: 
Be it good or ill, be it what you will,
It needs shall help me on my road,
My rugged way to heaven, please God.


Watch with me, men, women, and children dear,
You whom I love, for whom I hope and fear,
Watch with me this last vigil of the year. 
Some hug their business, some their pleasure-scheme;
Some seize the vacant hour to sleep or dream;
Heart locked in heart some kneel and watch apart.

Watch with me blessed spirits, who delight
All through the holy night to walk in white,
Or take your ease after the long-drawn fight. 
I know not if they watch with me:  I know 10
They count this eve of resurrection slow,
And cry, ‘How long?’ with urgent utterance strong.

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