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“81:  O My servant!  The basest of men are they that yield no fruit...”

O My servant!  The basest of men are they that yield no fruit on earth.  Such men are verily counted as among the dead, nay better are the dead in the sight of God than those idle and worthless souls.

“82:  O My servant!  The best of men are they that earn a livelihood...”

O My servant!  The best of men are they that earn a livelihood by their calling and spend upon themselves and upon their kindred for the love of God, the Lord of all worlds.  The mystic and wondrous Bride, hidden ere this beneath the veiling of utterance, hath now, by the grace of God and His divine favor, been made manifest even as the resplendent light shed by the beauty of the Beloved.  I bear witness, O friends! that the favor is complete, the argument fulfilled, the proof manifest and the evidence established.  Let it now be seen what your endeavors in the path of detachment will reveal.  In this wise hath the divine favor been fully vouchsafed unto you and unto them that are in heaven and on earth.  All praise to God, the Lord of all Worlds.

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June 2005

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