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Jehovah, God of hosts, hath sworn, saying:  Surely, as I have devised, so shall it be; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.

George, you must not laugh at me; I will not bear it.  You forget what you are about when you ridicule me:  I know more than you do about the lessons.

I never heard a word about it before, said George, yesterday:  who told you about it, Charles?

I never heard one word of it before, said my uncle Toby, hastily:  how came he there, Trim?

Thou shalt pronounce this parable upon the King of Babylon; and shalt say:  How hath the oppressor ceased?

It is not only in the sacred fane that homage should be paid to the Most High:  there is a temple, one not made with hands; the vaulted firmament:  far in the woods, almost beyond the sound of city-chime, at intervals heard through the breezeless air.


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Transcriber’s Notes: 

To retain the flavor of this schoolbook, the Transcriber has left all grammar errors in tact.  Any exceptions are noted below.

Page vii:  Opening bracket added to first sentence. [The Poetical Extracts

Page 131:  Period added:  generosity.

Page 139:  Period added:  she was immovable.

Page 150:  Period added:  18.

Page 154:  Period added:  The same, subject, continued.

Page 165:  Word “might” changed to “mighty” due to space in poem and poem’s scheme.

Page 202:  Word “curse” is presumed:  “...curse resounds in the ...”

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