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4.  “O no, mother!  I should be so anxious that I should want to hide myself, for fear something should be read that I should be ashamed of,—­something very bad.  But, mother, no king ever did this, that you know of.  If he did, pray tell me more about him; and if his subjects were not all good and obedient.”

5.  “I have heard of a king, my son, who has done more than this; but not an earthly king.  Earthly kings are limited in their power; for they are but men.  But the king of whom I speak is the Lord of the whole earth.”

6.  “Do you mean God, mother?”—­“I do, my son.  You have told me how you should behave in the presence of an earthly king on the day he should appoint to meet his people; and would you treat with less reverence and respect him who is the King of kings and Lord of lords?

7.  “Can you, on entering his house, say, ’The Lord is in his holy temple,’ and feel no desire to meet him there; but allow any trifle that meets your eye to carry your thoughts away?  Do you, when his holy book is read, feel no desire to hear the directions he has given to lead you to your heavenly home?

8.  “And when the petitions are sent up imploring his blessings, and asking his forgiveness, have you none to offer?  Are you so blest as to have nothing to ask, and so good as to need no forgiveness?

9.  “O my son, be careful how you neglect these gracious privileges!  And when his ministers, whom he has appointed to declare his will,—­to instruct you out of his word,—­preach to you from the sacred pulpit, will you turn a deaf ear, and lose their instructions, and at the same time displease your heavenly Father?

10.  “This great and powerful king is also your father and friend.  He loves you more than any earthly friend.  He is willing to hear all your petitions, and is even more ready to give than we are to ask.  He has appointed one day in seven in which to meet us, and this is the Sabbath, about the keeping of which we are now talking.

11.  “And he has also appointed a day in which he will judge the world, from the book which he has kept of our accounts.

12.  “On that day there will be assembled a great multitude, which no man can number, out of every kindred and tongue; great and small, good and bad.  You and I will be there, my son.

13.  “There will be the minister and his people, the Sunday-school teacher and his scholars, all to receive either the sentence, ’Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world,’ or, ’Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting punishment.’”

14.  Frank was moved by this representation of the consequences of his neglect of the duties he owed his heavenly Father, and said, “O, how sad it would be, how dreadful, if, on that day I should be sent to dwell forever where God is not, and where you and father are not!”

15.  “Dreadful, indeed, my son, would be such a separation; and when you think of this, let it make you more earnest to serve and please God; for Jesus Christ, who came upon earth once to die for us all, and will come again to judge the earth, has gone to prepare mansions in heaven for those who love him, that they may dwell with him forever in perfect happiness.

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