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Verdi, 307

Vernon, Raoul Roussel de, reporter at the trial of Joan of Arc, 147

Versailles, Pierre de, 35

Veuillot, on Wallon’s Life of Joan of Arc, 298

Viennne, Colet de, escorts Joan of Arc to Chinon, 19

Villars, French knight, 36

Villaume, biographer of Joan of Arc, 299

Villon, Francois, his lines on Joan of Arc, 302, 308

Viole, Aignan, advocate, 274

Virey, his tragedy on Joan of Arc, 306

Virgile, Polydore, French writer, 290

Viriville, Vallet de, 291

Volant, John, burgher of Orleans, 272

Voltaire, cited, 285;
  his Pucelle, 306, 309

Wallon, historian, cited, 46, 126, 210, 211, 227, 297

Wandome, the Bastard of, 128

Warwick, Earl of, visits Joan of Arc in prison, 142;
  threatens Isambard de la Pierre for his sympathy with her, 196;
  demands that she should be saved from a natural death, 214;
  enraged at the prospect of her release, 235

Waterin, playmate of Joan of Arc, 259

Waverin, English officer, cited for the English loss at the battle of
Patay, 80

Winchester, Henry Beaufort, Bishop of, arrives in Paris with his army, 101;
  retains Peter Cauchon to prosecute Joan of Arc, 132;
  his scheme for this purpose, 137;
  at the abjuration of Joan, 229;
  weeps over her fate, 248

Xaintrailles, 40, 47;
  accompanies Charles VII. to Rheims, 85;
  taken prisoner, 125


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