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Petitot, 291, 292

Pierre, Isambard de la, Dominican priest, assessor at the trial of
Joan of Arc, 149, 151;
  his sympathy for her, 195, 224, 235;
  cited for the brutal treatment of her guard, 238;
  attends her last moments, 245, 249, 251;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 280

Pinchon, canon, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Pisan, Christine de, poetess, 301

Poitiers, the Great Hall of, 31;
  the Bishop of, 32

Pole, John de la, at the siege of Orleans, 43

Pole, William de la. See Suffolk

Postel, William, French writer, 290

Postian, William, burgher of Orleans, 273

Pougoulat, 292

Poulangy, Bertrand de, 11;
  escorts Joan of Arc on her journey to Chinon, 19;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 261

Prevosteau, advocate, at the trial for rehabilitation, 256

Quicherat, historian, cited, 24, 55, 291; his literary labours, 292

Quincey, De, 300

Rabelais, connection with Chinon, 25

Rabuteau, Maitre Jean, Parliamentary Advocate-General, 32

Radley, English officer, 107

Raimond, page of Joan, 37

Rainguesson, John, godfather of Joan of Arc, 258

Rais, Seigneur de, 47, 75;
  accompanies Charles VII. to Rheims, 85

Regnault, William, captures the Earl of Suffolk at Jargeau, 77

Rheims, coronation of Charles VII. at, 91

Rheims, the Archbishop of. See Chartres, Regnault de

Richard, Father, his interview with Joan of Arc, 86

Richarville, Guillaume de, 274

Richemont, Constable de, joins the army of the Loire, 78

Richer, Edmond, doctor of theology, 291

Rochelle, Catherine de la, her deceit exposed by Joan of Arc, 118

Roger, Denis, burgher of Orleans, 273

Roquier, John, priest, 282

Rotslaer, Sire de, cited, 60

Rouillart, William, burgher of Orleans, 272

Roussel, 224

Rouvray, the Battle of the Herrings near, 44

Royer, Henry and Joan le, 261

Sainte-Beuve, cited, 2; on Wallon’s biography of Joan of Arc, 298

Saint-Mesmin, Aignan de, burgher of Orleans, 273

Saint-Prix, Berriat, historian, 293;
  his itinerary of the last three years of the life of Joan of Arc, ib.

Saint-Severe, Marshal. See Boussac.

Salisbury, commands the English forces before Orleans, 40;
  mortally wounded, 42

Saulx, canon, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Savoy, Duke of, 106

Scales, Lord, at siege of Orleans, 42

Schiller, his Jungfrau von Orleans, 307

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