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Henry II. of England, 26

Henry III. of England, his death at Chinon, 25

Henry V. of England, his position in France in 1420, 1, 39

Henry VI. of England, 100, 137

Herrings, the battle of the, 44

Hilaire, John, burgher of Orleans, 273

Hire, La, 40;
  persuaded to break off swearing by Joan of Arc, 46;
  assists in the attack on the Tournelles, 62;
  leads the van at the battle of Patay, 80;
  accompanies Charles VII. to Rheims, 85

Holinshed, English writer, 299

Hordal, John, descendant of the Arc family, 291

Houppeville, Nicolas de, doctor of theology, 278

Hue, Peter, burgher of Orleans, 273

Illiers, Florent d’, 53

Ingres, his picture of Joan of Arc, 92

Inquisition, the, resolve to prosecute Joan of Arc as a sorceress and idolatress, 130

Jacquard, playmate of Joan of Arc, 259

Jacquier, native of Domremy, 261

Jacquier, Guillot, 262

Joan of Arc, her birth and parentage, 3;
  her amiable character, 5;
  devotion to religious duties, 6;
  first visions, 7;
  her belief in their reality, 8;
  interviews with Baudricourt, 11, 14;
  visits Duke Charles of Lorraine, 17;
  her popularity at Vaucouleurs, 18;
  her equipment, 19;
  sets out for Chinon, 20;
  opposed by La Tremoille, 24;
  arrival at Chinon, 25;
  interview with the King, 26;
  favourably impresses him, 29;
  trains herself in military exercises, 30;
  examined at Poitiers before the French Parliament, 32;
  her mission sanctioned, 36;
  prepares her standard, 37;
  arrives at Blois, 46;
  despatches a letter to the Duke of Bedford, 47;
  her interview with Dunois before Orleans, 51;
  enthusiastic entry into the city, 52;
  summons the English to surrender, 53;
  meets Dunois with the relieving forces, 55;
  her first engagement, 57;
  carries the Bastille des Augustins, 59;
  prophesies she will be wounded, 60;
  leads the attack on the Tournelles, 62;
  wounded, 63;
  rallies the wavering French, 64;
  compels the English to raise the siege, 65;
  returns to Chinon, 69;
  urges Charles VII. to go to Rheims, 70;
  leads the expedition on the Loire, 73;
  storms and takes Jargeau, 75;
  gains the battle of Patay, 80;
  sets out for Rheims with Charles, 84;
  the enforced halt before Troyes, 85;
  expresses her fear of treachery, 89;
  at the King’s coronation in Rheims cathedral, 91;
  her military talents, 94;
  her humane conduct in war, 96;
  ennobled by Charles, 98;
  advises the latter to march on Paris, 101;
  writes to the Duke of Burgundy for assistance, 102;
  resolves to attempt to take Paris, 107;

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