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Dacier, Abbot of Saint Corneille of Compiegne, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148, 222

Daniel, English writer, 300

Darmesteter, M., cited, 300

Daron, Peter, attorney, 283

Daval, William, priest, at the trial for rehabilitation, 281

David, Jesuit priest, 291

De Champcoux, John, burgher of Orleans, 273

De Commy, Cosme, burgher of Orleans, 273

Delachambre, William, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 149;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 278;
  Joan of Arc’s doctor, ib.

Delavigne, Casimir, his poems on Joan of Arc, 307

Desjardins, Abel, biographer of Joan of Arc, 299

Desnoyers, dramatist, 308

Despres, John, 257

Domremy, birthplace of Joan of Arc, 3

Du Bellay, French writer, cited, 285, 289

Dubesert, canon at Rouen, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 282

Duchemin, canon, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Du Duc, Fronton, his tragedy on Joan of Arc, 306

Du Fay, Geoffrey, knight, 261

Dufresnoy, Abbe Longlet, his Life of Joan of Arc, 292

Du Lys, Charles, descendant of the Arc family, 290

Dumas, Alexandre, his Life of Joan of Arc, 297

Dunois, Bastard of Orleans, commander of the French troops in Orleans,
36, 40;
  interview with Joan of Arc at Reuilly, 51;
  goes to Blois to bring up reinforcements, 54;
  attacks the Tournelles, 62, 75;
  testifies to the military talents of Joan, 95;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 266

Durement, Abbot of Fecamp, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Edward III. of England, 1

Emenyart, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 149, 212

Epinal, Gerardin d’, village companion of Joan of Arc, 89, 258

Epinal, Isabellette d’, friend of Joan of Arc, 258

Erard, William, canon of Beauvais, assessor at the trial of Joan of
Arc, 149;
  opposed to applying the torture to her, 224;
  preaches on the occasion of Joan’s abjuration, 230, 232

Erault, John, 35

Esbalny, Jacques l’, burgher of Orleans, 273

Estelin, Beatrix d’, godmother of Joan of Arc, 258

Estivet, John d’, surnamed ‘Benedicite,’ at trial of Joan of Arc, 143

Estouteville, Cardinal d’, 254

Fabre, Joseph, historian, cited, 164, 258, 266, 284;
  his works on Joan of Arc, 299

Fabyan, Robert, English writer, 299

Farciaux, Robert de, canon, 274

Fastolfe, Sir John, at the siege of Orleans, 43;
  sent to Jargeau to reinforce Suffolk, 75;
  joins forces with Talbot, 78;
  defeated at the battle of Patay, 80;
  disgraced, 100

Fauconbridge, clerk of the French Parliament, quoted, 68

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