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Bellarme, Martin, Dominican priest, assessor at the trial of Joan of
Arc, 143

Bellier, William, bailiff of Troyes, 89

Bellow, J., cited, 150

Benel, Abbot of Courcelles, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Bergame, Philip de, Augustinian monk, 289

Berwoit, John, attendant on Joan of Arc, 149, 157

Bibliography of Joan of Arc:  French, 311;
  English, 320

Boissel, Guerold de, 225

Bonart, Herve, canon at Orleans, 274

Bonnet, John, priest, 282

Bonnet, Simon, Bishop of Senlis, 32

Bordez, Andre, canon at Rouen, 274

Boucher, Charlotte, bedfellow of Joan of Arc, at the trial for rehabilitation, 273

Boucher, James, host of Joan of Arc in Orleans, 52

Boucher, Mary le, 122

Bouchier, Peter, priest, 282

Boulogne, Count of, accompanies Charles VII. to Rheims, 85

Boussac, Marshal de (Saint-Severe), 40, 47, 58, 75

Boyleau, Joan, 273

Brullot, John, canon at Rouen, assessor at trial of Joan of Arc, 148

Buchon, 291, 292

Burgundy, Philip, Duke of, his trimming conduct after the coronation
at Rheims, 102;
  comes to terms with Bedford, 114;
  intrigues to obtain possession of Compiegne, 121;
  hands over Joan of Arc to the English, 137

Cabu, Gentien, burgher of Orleans, 273

Cagny, Perceval de, cited, 66

Calixtus III., Pope, sanctions the rehabilitation of Joan of Arc, 254

Canelier, John, burgher of Orleans, 273

Castiglione, Zanon de, Bishop of Lisieux, assessor at the trial of
Joan of Arc, 145, 213

Cauchon, Peter, Bishop of Beauvais, 106;
  his early career, 131;
  offered preferment by Winchester, 132;
  ransoms Joan of Arc for the English, 133;
  resolves that her trial shall take place in Rouen, 141;
  constitution of his tribunal, 143;
  his policy at the beginning of the trial, 150, 151;
  his opening speech, 153;
  his examination of the Maid, 154 et seq.;
  fails to attach guilt to her in the public trial, 187;
  subjects her to a secret examination in prison, 188;
  contents of his letter of indictment to the University of Paris, 208;
  tries to extort her submission in illness, 215;
  decides to put her to the torture, 221;
  commended for his zealous conduct, 226;
  seeks to effect her abjuration, 227;
  absolves her from excommunication, 235;
  interviews her in prison, 238;
  hands her over to the secular powers, 248

Caval, canon, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 148;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 282

Censurey, Peter de la, canon at Rouen, 274

Chapelain, his ‘heroic poem’ on the Maid, 306

Charles II., Duke of Lorraine, seeks an interview with Joan of Arc, 17

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