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Adam, De l’Isle, commander of the Burgundian soldiers in Paris, 107

Albret, Sire d’, assists Joan of Arc at the siege of Saint
Pierre-le-Moutier, 115

Alencon, Duke of, entrusted with the command of the expedition on the
Loire, 73, 74;
  his personal safety vouchsafed by Joan of Arc, 76;
  accompanies the King to Rheims, 85;
  testifies to the military talents of Joan, 95;
  gives evidence at the trial for her rehabilitation, 265

Alessee, John, canon at Rouen, assessor at the trial of Joan of Arc, 147

Alnwick, William, Bishop of Norwich, assessor at the trial of Joan of
Arc, 148

Anjou, Duke of, his sympathy with Joan of Arc, 30

Anjou, Rene d’, 111

Arc, origin of the name, 4

Arc, Isabeau d’ (mother of Joan of Arc), her influence upon her
daughter, 5;
  at the trial for rehabilitation, 256

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