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A.D. 70.


        L. Vitellius surrenders in Campania.  Mucianus arrives in Rome
        as regent.


A.D. 69.


        Revolt of Civilis and Batavians, at first ostensibly in support
        of Vespasian.

        Revolt supported by Canninefates, Frisii, Marsaci, Cugerni.

        Civilis routs Gallic auxiliaries and captures the Rhine flotilla
        in ‘The Island’.

        Munius Lupercus advances from Vetera with remnant of Legs.  V
        Alaudae and XV Primigenia, supported by Ubian, Treviran, and
        Batavian auxiliaries.

        Civilis drives him back into Vetera.

        The eight Batavian cohorts at Mainz march off to join Civilis,
        and defeat Leg.  I Germanica at Bonn.

        Bructeri and Tencteri join revolt.

        Civilis blockades Vetera.

        Vocula advances to relieve Vetera with detachments of Legs.  IV
        Macedonica, XXII Primigenia, and I Germanica.

        Vocula encamps at Gelduba.  Flaccus makes head-quarters at

        Civilis’ assault on Vetera repulsed.

        Vocula with difficulty repulses attack on Gelduba.

        Relief of Vetera.  Vocula then retires to Novaesium.

        Civilis takes Gelduba and wins skirmish outside Novaesium.

        Mutiny in Novaesium.  Flaccus murdered.

        Civilis renews blockade of Vetera.

        Chatti, Mattiaci, and Usipi threaten Mainz.

        Vocula relieves Mainz and winters there.

A.D. 70.

  January (?)

        Revolt of Gallic tribes, Ubii, Tungri, Treviri, Lingones, headed
        by Classicus, Tutor, and Sabinus.

        Vocula advances to save Vetera, but is driven back to Novaesium
        by mutiny of Gallic auxiliaries, and there murdered.

        His army swears allegiance to ‘Empire of Gaul’.

        Tutor takes Cologne and Mainz.

        Vetera surrenders to Classicus.  Garrison massacred.

        The Baetasii, Nervii, and Tungri join revolt.


        Mucianus and Domitian start from Rome with reinforcements.

        Cerialis, with Legs.  XXI Rapax and II Adjutrix, is to operate on
        Lower Rhine.

        Annius Gallus, with Legs.  VII Claudia, VIII Augusta, XI Claudia,
        is to operate on Upper Rhine.

        The Sequani, still loyal, defeat Sabinus and Lingones.

        The Remi, also loyal, summon a Gallic Council, which votes for
        peace, but the Treviri and Lingones hold out under Classicus,
        Tutor, and Valentinus.

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