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A.D. 69.


        Antonius surprises a Vitellian detachment at Forum Alieni.

        At Padua the Pannonian legions arrive.

        He fortifies Verona.  The Moesian legions arrive.

        Caecina holds Cremona with Legs.  I Italica and XXI Rapax and

        He encamps with the rest of his force near Hostilia on the

        Valens dawdles northward with three praetorian cohorts.


        The fleet at Ravenna declares for Vespasian.

        Caecina attempts treachery and is imprisoned by his army, which
        starts on a forced march to Cremona.

        Antonius starts from Verona to intercept them.

    27.  Second Battle of Bedriacum.  Legs.  I Italica and XXI Rapax sally
        from Cremona and are driven back by Antonius.

        The six legions from Hostilia reach Cremona.

        The united Vitellian army makes a night sally from Cremona and
        is defeated.

    28.  Sack of Cremona.

        Surrender of Vitellian army.


        Valens, having reached Ariminum, flies to Monaco, and is captured
        in the Stoechades Islands.

        Spain, Gaul, and Britain declare for Vespasian.

        Antonius advances via Ariminum to Fanum Fortunae.

        Vitellius holds the Apennines at Mevania with fourteen praetorian
        cohorts, a new legion of marines, and cavalry.

        Mutiny of the fleet at Misenum.  Tarracina seized.

        Vitellius returns to Rome with seven cohorts and part of the

        The remaining cohorts are moved back from Mevania to Narnia.

        L. Vitellius with six cohorts and cavalry besieges Tarracina.


        Antonius crosses the Apennines and halts at Carsulae.

        Varus wins a cavalry skirmish at Interamna.

        Valens beheaded at Urbino:  his head flung into camp at Narnia.

        Surrender of Vitellians at Narnia.

        Antonius marches as far as Ocriculum, sending Cerialis forward
        to Rome with 1,000 cavalry.

    17.  Vitellius, wishing to abdicate, is prevented by troops and mob.

    18.  They besiege Flavius Sabinus in the Capitol.

    19.  Capitol stormed.  Temple of Jupiter burnt.

        Sabinus caught and killed.

        L. Vitellius takes Tarracina.

    20.  Cerialis defeated outside Rome.

    20.  Antonius makes a forced march along Via Flaminia.

    21.  Capture of Rome.  Murder of Vitellius.  Domitian installed as

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