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Espenshade’s Essentials of Composition and Rhetoric.  Revised 1.20
  An inductive course with abundant application of principles. 
Kellow’s Practical Training in English .80
  Helpful in its study of vocabulary, grammar, and structure. 
Spalding’s Principles of Rhetoric 1.08
  A supremely interesting presentation of the essentials. 
Strang’s Exercises in English.  Revised .56
  Examples in syntax, accidence and style, for criticism and


Heath’s English Classics.  Prices range from .50 to .25
  About 100 volumes covering literature for high school reading. 
  Send for list. 
Hooker’s Study Book in English Literature 1.00
  A handbook to accompany the appreciative study of the greater
Howes’s Primer of American Literature .52
  A brief, satisfactory account of the facts of American literary
Howes’s Primer of English Literature .52
  The essentials concerning great writers and important periods. 
Meiklejohn’s History of the English Language and Literature. .60


Sandwick and Bacon’s High School Word Book .44
  Graded lists of 5000 words needed by high school pupils. 
Sandwick and Bacon’s High School Word Book.  Briefer Course .28

    D. C. Heath & Co., Boston, New York, Chicago


Paxson’s Handbook for Latin Clubs. 158 pages $.60


Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin Grammar.  School edition. 340 pages         1.00
Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin Grammar.  Complete. 560 pages               1.40
Jenks’s Latin Word Formation. 86 pages                               .56


Bain’s First Latin Book.  Revised. 420 pages 1.00
Barss’s Beginning Latin. 331 pages 1.12
D’Ooge’s Colloquia Latina. 81 pages .28
Moulton’s Introductory Latin.  Revised. 278 pages 1.00
Smith’s Elements of Latin. 361 pages 1.00


Dotey’s Exercise Books on Caesar’s Gallic war.  Four books.  Each .28 Perrin’s Caesar’s Civil War, with vocabulary. 340 pages 1.00 Towle & Jenks’s Caesar’s Gallic War.  Books I and II. 378 pages 1.00 Towle & Jenks’s Caesar’s Gallic War.  Books I and II,
  with Selections for Sight Reading. 518 pages 1.28
Towle & Jenks’s Caesar’s Gallic War.  Books I, II, III, and IV 1.20 Towle & Jenks’s Caesar’s Gallic War.  Complete. 604 pages 1.40 Towle & Jenks’s Caesar for Sight Reading. 144 pages .60

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