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I did know it.  What could he do?  I suppose I had had a half-hope of something.  I knew not what.  Without a hope I would not have come to La Rabida.  But it was maimed from the first, and now it died.  I made a gesture of relinquishment.  “No, I suppose you cannot—­”

He said after a moment that he was glad to see that I had let my beard grow and was very plainly dressed, though I had never been elaborate there, and especially was he glad that I was come to Palos not as Jayme de Marchena, but under a plain and simple name, Juan Lepe, to wit.  His advice was to flee from the wrath to come.  He would not say flee from the Holy Office—­that would be heinous!—­but he would say absent myself, abscond, be banished, Jayme de Marchena by Jayme de Marchena.  There were barques in Palos and rude seamen who asked no question when gold just enough, and never more than enough, was shown.  He hesitated a moment and then asked if I had funds.  If not—­

I thanked him and said that I had made provision.

“Then,” said he, “go to Barbary, Don Jayme!  An intelligent and prudent man may prosper at Ercilla or at Fez.  If you must study, study there.”

“You also study,” I said.

“In fair trodden highways—­never in thick forest and mere fog!” he answered.  “Now if you were like one who has been here and is now before Granada, at Santa Fe, sent for thither by the Queen!  That one hath indeed studied to benefit Spain—­Spain, Christendom, and the world!”

I asked who was that great one, but before he could tell me came interruption.  A visitor entered, a strong-lipped, bold-eyed man named Martin Pinzon.  I was to meet him again and often, but at this time I did not know that.  Fray Juan Perez evidently desiring that I should go, I thought it right to oblige him who would have done me kindness had he known how.  I went without intimate word of parting and after only a casual stare from Martin Pinzon.

But without, my kinsman came after me.  “I want to say, Don Jayme, that if I am asked for testimony I shall hold to it that you are as good Christian as any—­”

It was kinsman’s part and all that truly I could have hoped for, and I told him so.  About us was quiet, vacant cloister, and we parted more warmly than we had done within.

The white convent of La Rabida is set on a headland among vineyards and pine trees.  It regards the ocean and, afar, the mountains of Portugal, and below it runs a small river, going out to sea through sands with the Tinto and the Odiel.  Again the day was gray and the pine trees sighing.  The porter let me out at gate.

I walked back toward Palos through the sandy ways.  I did not wish to go to Africa.

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