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" `Then let us go now to the palace,’ says Don Alonso, `and beg audience!’

“That did we, Don Cristoval, and so I hail you `Don’ and `Admiral’, and beg you to turn that mule and reenter Santa Fe!  In a few days you and the King and Queen may sign capitulations.”

“Was it the Queen?”

“Just.  The King said the treasury was drained.  She answered, `I will pawn my jewels but he shall sail!’ Luis de St. Angel says, `It does not need.  There is some gold left in the coffers of Aragon.  After all, the man asks but three little ships and a few score seamen and offers himself to furnish one of the ships.’ "

“With Martin Alonso Pinzon’s help, I will!”

" `Never,’ said I to their majesties, `was so huge a possible gain matched against so small a sending forth!  And as for this Genoese who truly hath given and gives and will give his life for his vision, saith not Scripture that a laborer is worthy of his hire?’ At which the Queen said with decision, `We will do it, Don Luis!  And now go and find Master Christopherus and comfort him, whose heart must be heavy, and indeed mine,’ she saith, `was heavy when he went forth to-day, and a voice seemed to say within me, “What have you done, Isabella?  How may you have hindered!” ’ "

The Gatherer of Ecclesiastical Revenues laughed again with that compelling laughter.  “So forth we go, and Don Alonso sends for you to his house.  But you could not be found.  Early this morning came one and informed us that the ship had put out of harbor, whereupon my nephew and I set sail after!”

The Admiral of the Ocean-Sea turned his face to the west.  Not knowing, I think, what he did, he raised his arm, outstretched it, and the hand seemed to close in greeting.  His face was the face of a man who sees the Beloved after long and sorrowful absence.  So did thought and passion and vision charge his frame and his countenance, that for a moment truly there was effulgence.  It startled.  Don Luis held his speech suspended, in his eyes wonder.  Master Christopherus let fall his arm.  He sighed.  The out-pushing light faltered, vanished.  One might say, if one chose, “A Genoese sea captain, willing to do an adventurous thing and make a purse thereby!”


Juan Lepe, quitting the Vega of Granada, recrossed the mountains.  I was at wander.  I did not go to Malaga.  I did not then go to Palos.  I went to San Lucar.  I had adventures, but I will not draw them here.  The ocean by Palos continued with me in sight and sound and movement.  But I did not go to Palos.  I went to the strand of San Lucar, and there I found a small bark trading not to Genoa but to Marseilles.  Seamen lacked, and the master took me gladly.  I freshened knowledge upon this voyage.

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