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Richard looked at him a while; and then said:  “Now, I pray thee be not wroth with me for the word I have spoken.  But something more shall I say, which shall like thee better.  To wit, when I came back from Swevenham on Wednesday I deemed it most like that the Well at the World’s End was a tale, a coloured cloud only; or that at most if it were indeed on the earth, that thou shouldest never find it.  But now is my mind changed by the hearing of thy tale, and I deem both that the Well verily is, and that thou thyself shalt find it; and that the wise Lady knew this, and set the greater store by thy youth and goodliness, as a richer and more glorious gift than it had been, were it as fleeting as such things mostly be.  Now of this matter will I say no more; but I think that the words that I have said, and which now seem so vain to thee, shall come into thy mind on some later day, and avail thee somewhat; and that is why I have spoken them.  But this again is another word, that I have got a right good horse for thee, and other gear, such as thou mayest need for the road, and that Clement’s fellowship will meet in Petergate hard by the church, and I will be thy squire till thou comest thither, and ridest thence out a-gates.  Now I suppose that thou will want to bid Blaise farewell:  yet thou must look to it that he will not deem thy farewell of great moment, since he swimmeth in florins and goodly wares; and moreover deemeth that thou wilt soon be back here.”

“Nevertheless,” said Ralph, “I must needs cast my arms about my own mother’s son before I depart:  so go we now, as all this talk hath worn away more than an hour of those four that were left me.”


Ralph Departeth From Whitwall With the Fellowship of Clement Chapman

Therewithal they went together to Blaise’s house, and when Blaise saw them, he said:  “Well, Ralph, so thou must needs work at a little more idling before thou fallest to in earnest.  Forsooth I deem that when thou comest back thou wilt find that we have cut thee out a goodly piece of work for thy sewing.  For the good town is gathering a gallant host of men; and we shall look to thee to do well in the hard hand-play, whenso that befalleth.  But now come and look at my house within, how fair it is, and thou wilt see that thou wilt have somewhat to fight for, whereas I am.”

Therewith he led them up a stair into the great chamber, which was all newly dight and hung with rich arras of the Story of Hercules; and there was a goodly cupboard of silver vessel, and some gold, and the cupboard was of five shelves as was but meet for a king’s son.  So Ralph praised all, but was wishful to depart, for his heart was sore, and he blamed himself in a manner that he must needs lie to his brother.

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