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unfit, and, next, toward such a limitation of the birth-rate as shall approximate the standard of civilized countries.  But so long as Bishops and well meaning philanthropists in England and America continue to praise and encourage `the glorious fertility of the East’ there can be but little hope of minimizing the penalties of the ruthless struggle for existence in China, and Nature’s law will therefore continue to work out its own pitiless solution, weeding out every year millions of predestined weaklings.”

This rapid survey is enough, I hope, to indicate the manifold inadequacies inherent in present policies of philanthropy and charity.  The most serious charge that can be brought against modern “benevolence” is that it encourages the perpetuation of defectives, delinquents and dependents.  These are the most dangerous elements in the world community, the most devastating curse on human progress and expression.  Philanthropy is a gesture characteristic of modern business lavishing upon the unfit the profits extorted from the community at large.  Looked at impartially, this compensatory generosity is in its final effect probably more dangerous, more dysgenic, more blighting than the initial practice of profiteering and the social injustice which makes some too rich and others too poor.

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CHAPTER VI:  Neglected Factors of the World Problem

War has thrust upon us a new internationalism.  To-day the world is united by starvation, disease and misery.  We are enjoying the ironic internationalism of hatred.  The victors are forced to shoulder the burden of the vanquished.  International philanthropies and charities are organized.  The great flux of immigration and emigration has recommenced.  Prosperity is a myth; and the rich are called upon to support huge philanthropies, in the futile attempt to sweep back the tide of famine and misery.  In the face of this new internationalism, this tangled unity of the world, all proposed political and economic programs reveal a woeful common bankruptcy.  They are fragmentary and superficial.  None of them go to the root of this unprecedented world problem.  Politicians offer political solutions,—­like the League of Nations or the limitation of navies.  Militarists offer new schemes of competitive armament.  Marxians offer the Third Internationale and industrial revolution.  Sentimentalists offer charity and philanthropy.  Coordination or correlation is lacking.  And matters go steadily from bad to worse.

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