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There is, however, too much of the morbid in the Diary already without wilfully adding more, so “The Daily Funerals” is let alone.

The second will be too disgusting, so it must stand over too; and as for “The Officials,” two have since died (December, 1901—­enteric), and so that chapter as well may not be written.

B.—­One word more on the mortality of the Camp.  Here is the official record of the deaths:—­

1901—­May, June, July 47
      August 175
      September 236
      October 154
      November 236
      December 276
1902—­January-March 183
          Total 1,307

The Rev. Mr. Becker, however (who made a point of noting down the exact number of deaths each day) gives 206, 246, 157 as the totals for August, September, October respectively.  The amended grand total would then come to 1,351.


Variant spellings have been retained.  In a few instances, punctuation and spelling errors have been corrected.  These are listed below.

1) In Footnote 20, the original reads:  “The flour given was good for the bread was usually excellent.”  A comma has been added.

2) In Chapter II, page 16; the original reads “A cenus taken lately”.

3) In Chapter II, page 39; the original reads “same one I had long tallks with before”.

4) In Chapter II, page 49:  the original reads “so had hrriedly to go”.

5) In Chapter II, page 52:  the original reads “What one longs for is possibility to have on day or afternoon off”.

6) In Footnote 51, the original reads:  “... sing only Psalms. never Hymns.”  A period has been replaced with a comma.

7) In Chapter iii, page 58:  the original reads:  “you won’t find child alive though;;”.


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