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While we are here most concerned with the genealogy and family history of the books, or in other words with their press relationships, the personal history attaching to them—­habent sua fata libelli—­is not without interest.  The Zeno Ms. and the Philo, printed on vellum, are the dedication copies, not merely set apart, but specially prepared for this use.  In a few of the volumes are found the names or the arms of early owners.  The Livy Ms. and one-half of the printed books are from the library, dispersed in 1886, of Michael Wodhull (1740-1816) of Thenford, Northamptonshire, the first translator into English verse of all the extant works of Euripides, the most assiduous and painstaking and in some departments of bibliography the best equipped among the book collectors of his day.  It was his custom (well illustrated in the present collection) to enter on the fly-leaf of each purchase the source and the cost, adding as a separate item the binding, often by Roger Payne, and to affix his name and the date.  His vise “Collat:  & complet:”  is seldom wanting and often bibliographical notes and references to authorities are added.  Justinian’s Novellae, printed by Schoeffer, and all the Aldine press books save one are from the library gathered at Syston Park, Lincolnshire, by Sir John Thorold and his son, Sir John Hayford Thorold, between 1775 and 1831 and sold in 1884.

One valued mark of ownership, common to all the volumes, is the ex libris of the lover of choice books who united them in one family, not again to be separated, and gave them into the keeping of the University Library.

The accompanying list of Authorities, as will be apparent, is intended to supply merely the details necessary to complete the references of the catalogue.

Acknowledgments are due from the compiler to his associates in the Library and the University for assistance in the catalogue.

Addison van name, Librarian Emeritus.

Yale University Library, September, 1913.


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