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A telegram received at Liverpool by Reuben Harris from Marquis Leo Colonna, who at the Colonel’s request went on to Amsterdam, verified the facts as to Alfonso’s death by drowning.  Colonel and Mrs. Harris’s journey back to America under leaden and unsympathetic skies was sad indeed.

George and Gertrude met them on the pier at New York.  The next day at noon, in deep mourning, they received the remains of Lucille from the yacht “Hallena.”

Ten days with Lucille on the pitiless ocean, and unable to exchange with her a word of love, had sunk deeply the iron of affliction into the soul of Harry Hall.  He often wished that he had never been born.  He dreaded every new sunset, as the darkness that gathered about his catafalque-yacht whispered to him of cruel fates, of rest in the deep sea, and of angels’ songs.  Like the silent vigils of certain watchful plants, Captain Hall carefully observed his compasses, studied the weather, and often wished that he too might cross over and rejoin Lucille.

* * * * *

Ten days went by before Colonel Harris visited the offices of the Harris-Ingram Steel Co.  Then followed several meetings of the directors, at which it was finally decided to issue the following circular: 

Official Notice, No. 27.  Offices of The Harris-Ingram Steel Co., 400 to 410 Brough Building, Harrisville, O.—­

  To Whom, it may Concern,—­

For the purpose of better promoting the harmonious workings of capital and labor, The Harris-Ingram Steel Co., Limited, has been organized, and its scope of co-operation has been planned on the following basis.
Capital Stock of the Harris-Ingram Steel Company  $5,000,000
Total number of shares                               500,000
Par value each share                                     $10
The liability of each stockholder is limited to the amount of stock held.  Half of the entire stock of the corporation shall be owned by so-called “capital,” and half by the employees of the company, or so-called “labor.”  The stock issued shall represent the actual cash expended upon the plant, and employed as a working capital.  It is the wish of the management that each employee in the steel company shall own at least ten shares of the stock, and more, if he so desires.
All the stock bought is to be paid for in cash.  A loan at 4% interest, equal to the par value of the stock, can be made by employees, when necessary, to purchase a limited amount of the stock.  Ten per cent of the wages of all such employees will be retained as needed, which, with dividends actually earned by the stock, will be applied on the amounts due for the purchase of stock and real estate for a home.  The new model town will be known
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