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[Footnote 29:  Mahomet.]

[Footnote 30:  Alcoran, Chap. 2 and 83.]

[Footnote 31:  This is an Expression taken out of the Alcoran, and is design’d to express the Confusion which the Wicked shall be in at the Day of Judgment.]

[Footnote 32:  Alcoran, Chap. 24 and 19.]

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In which the

AUTHOR’S NOTION concerning the Possibility of a Man’s attaining to the true Knowledge of GOD, and Things necessary to Salvation, without the Use of external Means, is briefly consider’d.

By SIMON OCKLEY, M.A. Vicar of Swanesey in Cambridgshire.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1708.

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[Illustration 8]

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Sec. 1, 2. The Occasion and Design of this Discourse.  Sec. 3, 4, 5. God’s way of teaching his People was by Prophets.  Sec. 6, 7. Prophecy not attain’d by any Applicatian or Industry, but depended upon the positive Will of God.  Sec. 8. And, consequently the Vision of God, or beholding the Divine Being, which is superior to Prophesying, cannot be so attain’d. Sec. 9. That it was never mention’d as attainable, nor the Search of it recommended by the Prophet Moses, Sec. 10. Nor any other Prophets that succeeded him.  Sec. 11. What was not enjoyed in the early Times of Christianity, when the Gifts of the Spirit were more plentifully poured out, cannot be expected now. Sec. 12. But such A Power, whereby a Man might (without external Helps) attain to the true Knowledge of God, and Things necessary to Salvation, was no where promis’d by our Saviour.  Sec. 13. Nor enjoyed by devout Persons in the first times of the Gospel; which is prov’d from the Example of the Eunuch.  Sec. 14. And Cornelius.  Sec. 15. The whole Tenour of the Apostles Doctrine forbids us to expect the Vision of God in this Life. Sec. 16. From all which is inferr’d, that those Scriptures, which speak of the plentiful Effusion of the Spirit in the Gospel Times, are misunderstood by Enthusiasts.  Sec. 17. Why we are not to expect Prophets now.  Sec. 18. If these things be denied to Christians, they are not to be found amongst Heathens or Mahometans.  Sec. 19, 20, 21, The Enthusiasm of our Author and others censured Sec. 23. Conclusion.

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