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Eliott-Lockhart, Lt.  P., 173

English, the, Pathan saying concerning, 63


Faiz Talab, Duffadar, spies upon a doubtful tribe, 138-43

Fakira, Duffadar, 87

Fattehabad, battle of, 123

Fatteh Khan, of Guides’ cavalry, heroism of, 10-11

Fatteh Khan, Khuttuk, heroism of at Mooltan, 23-25, 38
  At Gujar Garhi, 40-3

Feringhis, the (see English)

Fincastle, Viscount, 177, 184

Foot, 17th, 123

Foot, the 22nd, 47

Foot, 24th, 26

Foot, the 70th, 65

Ford, Lt., 177


Gaduns, the, 87

Gaikskill, 193

Ganda Singh:  Defeated by Guides, 27-8

Ghazis, the, 124

Grand Trunk Road, 68

Godby, Gen. C.J., 187

Godby-road, 187

Gordon Highlanders, 168

Gorindghar, fortress of, captured by Guides, 31-8

Gough, Lord, 26

Gough, Sir Charles, 123

Greaves, Lt.  R.T., 183

Guides, the Corps of: 
  Founded by Sir Henry-Lawrence, 1-5
  Lumsden, Harry, raises, 4
  Its training and personnel, 5-6
  Its first fight, 7
  Adventure at Babuzai, 9-12
  In Second Sikh War, 13-38
  March to Lahore, 13-14
  With Edwardes at Mooltan, 21
  With Lumsden at Mooltan, 22-26
  Defeat Ganda Singh at Nuroat, 27-8
  At Gujrat, 28-30
  Capture of Gorindghar by, 31-8
  On the Frontier in the ’Fifties, 39-50
  Defeat Mukaram Khan, 41-3
  Charge at Nawadand, 43-6
  At Bori, 47-50
  The Story of Dilawur Khan, subadar of, 51-64
  In the Mutiny, 65-75
  Daly, Henry, in command of, 68
  March to Delhi, 67
  The effect of arrival, 73
  The return to Peshawur, 74
  In minor wars, 76-96
  In expedition against:  Mahsud Waziri tribe, 78
  In Umbeyla campaign, 87
  In attack on Crag Picquet, 88-91
  In attack on Paia, 93-94
  At the Embassy at Kabul, 98
  Massacre of, 102-116
  In the Afghan War, 1878-80, 117-134
  Attack Ali Musjid, 119
  How Bahaud-din Khan joined the, 120-2
  At Fattehabad, 123-27
  March to Sherpur, 127-8
  In assaults on Takht-i-Shah and Asmai Heights, 128-31
  In battle at Charasiab, 132-4
  War stories of, 135-143
  Remarkable obedience to orders, 137
  The adventure of Faiz Talab, 138-143
  The adventures of Shah Sowar and Abdul Majid, 144-159
  The Relief of Chitral, 160-171
  Action at the Panjkora, 163-7
  At the Malakand, 1897, 172-184
  The Home of the Guides, 185-198
  Leaders of Guides (see under Lumsden, Daly, Hodson,
    Keyes, Jenkins, Campbell Lockhart, &c.).

Gundamuk, the Treaty of, 97, 98

Gurkhas, the, 47-8

Gurkhas, 2nd, 189

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