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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 87 pages of information about Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884.

I. CHEMISTRY AND METALLURGY.—­Beeswax and its Adulterations.  —­Chemical ingredients.—­Detection of adulterations. 7064

      Phenol in the Stem, Leaves, and Cones of Pinus Sylvestris. 
      —­A discovery bearing on the flora of the Carboniferous
      epoch and the formation of petroleum. 7065

      The School of Physics and Chemistry of Paris.—­With
      engraving of laboratory. 7065

      Some Relations of Heat to Voltaic and Thermo Electric
      Action of Metals in Electrolysis.—­By G. Gore. 7070

II.  Engineering, mechanics, etc.—­Air Refrigerating
      Machine.—­5 figures. 7071

      A Gas Radiator and Heater. 7071

      Concrete Water Pipes. 7071

      The Sellers Standard System of Screw Threads.  Nuts, and
      Bolt Heads.—­A table. 7072

      An English Railway Ferry Boat.—­3 figures. 7072

      The Problem of Flight and the Flying Machine. 7072

III.  Technical.—­Concrete Buildings for Farms.—­How to construct
      them. 7063

      What Causes Paint to Blister and Peel?—­How to prevent it. 7063

      Olive Oil.—­Difficulties encountered in raising an olive
      crop.—­Process of making Oil. 7064

IV.  ElectricityEtc.—­Telephony and Telegraphy on the Same
      Wires Simultaneously.—­4 figures. 7067

The Electric Marigraph.—­An apparatus for measuring the height of the tide.—­With engravings and diagrams showing the Siemens and Halske marigraph and the operation of the same. 7068

      Delune & Co.’s System of Laying Underground Cables.—­2
      figures. 7069

      Electricity Applied to Horseshoeing.—­Quieting an unruly
      animal.—­3 engravings. 7069

      Esteve’s Automatic Pile.—­1 figure. 7070

      Woodward’s Diffusion Motor. 7070

V. Astronomy.—­Lunar Heat.—­Its reflected and obscure
      heat.—­Trifling influence of the moon upon wind and
      weather.—­By Prof.  C.A.  Young. 7073

VI.  Natural history.—­The Long-haired Pointer “Mylord.” 
      —­With engraving. 7073

VII.  Horticulture, etc.—­Apple Tree Borers.—­Protection
      against the same. 7074

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