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edified thereby, that he, a man of so great fame and knowledge, one that had friends great and famous, should go about the streets with so meek an aspect, and showing little care for his attire; for he cared not at all about worldly things, and sought only to gain a great usury of souls for God.  He was well favoured, kindly in word, and courteous to all, so that any man whatever, whether a stranger or born in the land, even though poor and unknown, might speak to him and receive from him some discourse upon the things of God.  The good saw this and rejoiced thereat, but the froward gnashed with their teeth and spake evil of Gerard.  A certain man, therefore, one of the great ones of the State, came near to him, and rebuked his words and deeds, for the man himself took more pleasure at that time in worldliness than in the things of God.  “Why,” said he, “dost thou disquiet us, and bring in new customs?  Cease from this preaching, and do not disturb or frighten men.”  But Gerard made answer with wisdom and constancy:  “I would not willingly suffer you to go to Hell,” and the man said again with indignation:  “Let us go thither in peace,” but the kindly and good Master replied:  “I will not do so; if thou wilt not hear, there will be some who will gladly give ear”—­but we must return to our history.

When the most beloved Master was sojourning in Zwolle for the purpose of preaching the Word, some of his disciples aforementioned who dwelt together there came to him secretly and confessed that they desired to live a life further removed from that of the world, for they could not bear to mingle with worldlings without suffering hurt to their spiritual life; and they said that they would choose to dwell without the City if he should agree thereto.  They begged him therefore, as loving sons speaking to their father, to condescend to go with them some little space outside the City to look for a place convenient wherein to live quietly.  Then Gerard assented to their pious prayers, and when the next day dawned he prepared for the journey and taking with him the brothers Wychmann, Reyner, Henry and James Wittecoep, he went with them towards the mountains of Nemel to a place that was foreordained of God, and separated from the multitude; for men were seldom seen to come thither or to pass by, and patches of thorns and nettles grew here and there upon the hills and valleys.  So as they went forth the wind beat against them, hut neither rain nor wind could stay the Master from the straight course, and he went on rejoicing and said pleasantly to his companions:  “I will go before you and shield you from the wind with my cloak.”  But as they drew near to the place, they went up to the top of an hill, and having made a circuit round the mountains for some little space, they at last beheld a valley, that was narrow and deep, upon the northern side of the mountain, and Gerard’s disciples asked him a question, saying:  “See! most beloved Master, how good is this place, and how private;

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