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In the year of the Lord 1424, on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, these three Brothers were invested:  John Lap of the town of Neerden in Holland, Christian Anversteghe of Campen, and Helmic Braem of Herderwijck in the State of Geldria.


Of the death of Brother Nicholas Kreyenschot.

In the year 1410, on the Feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, Nicholas Kreyenschot died just after sunset.  He was a youth of good disposition, and sprang from a notable family of the town of Kampen.  He was about twenty-three years of age, for God dealt pitifully with him so that his short span of life fulfilled the task of many years, and he escaped longer struggles in this present life; for eight months and ten days after his profession he left dwelling in this present world and departed to the other.  The virtue of obedience shone brightly in him, as was seemly in a good youth.  Who should say, “Brother, come hither,” and Nicholas would not come straightway, or “Begone,” and he did not straightway depart?  Moreover, a good return came to the monastery through his means.  It happened in a time that he upset and broke a jar, and so grieved was he at this mischance and loss, that he wept bitterly.  Once also he made ready a sharp rod, and came to the sub-Prior, saying:  “I entreat thee, Father, for God’s sake, to inflict a sharp discipline upon me, for I do often transgress, nor do I make any progress.”  He was buried in the eastern part of the cloister near the wall of the church and beneath the steps of our dormitory.


Of the consecration of our Church and of four Altars in the House of Mount St. Agnes.

In the year 1412, on the 8th day of the month of April, being the Friday after Easter, our church was consecrated, being dedicated in honour of St. Agnes the Virgin and Martyr of Christ.  The rite was performed by Matthias of Biduane, the Suffragan of our Lord and Reverend Father in Christ, Frederic de Blanckenhem, Bishop of Utrecht.  Many religious persons and priests were present thereat, namely, the Prior of Windesem, the Prior of Belheem, Conrad Hengel and John of Haarlem, who were priests at Zwolle.  Many other honourable persons also, both men and women, young and old, men of the town and men of the country, came together to this dedication.  There was great joy in the hearts of all, and a general license to enter the monastery was given to strangers, as our statutes allow to be done on that day only.  So when the consecration had been solemnly performed, the Bishop came forward in his mitre to consecrate the four altars.  First he dedicated the High Altar in the Choir in honour of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother of God, St. Agnes the Virgin, and the Apostles of Christ, and he sang Mass in solemn wise for the dedication of the church and altar.

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