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So far the chronicle was written by Thomas of Kempen; the residue thereof was done by another.

From the chronicle of our brother Thomas of Kempen concerning matters not pertaining to our house.

I. Concerning the year in which that reverend man, Florentius of Wevelichoven, was made Bishop of Utrecht.

II.  Of the death of John Ruysbroeck, first Prior of the Groenendaal.

III.  Of the death of the venerable Master Gerard Groote, a man most devout.

IV.  Of the great eulogy passed upon Gerard by a certain doctor.

V. How, after his death, the number of the Devout and the Order of Regulars did increase.

VI.  Of the consecration of the Church, and the investiture of the first Brothers in Windesem.

VII.  Of the death of John de Gronde, a Priest.

VIII.  Of the death of the most Reverend Florentius of Wevelichoven,
Bishop of Utrecht.

IX.  How Frederick of Blanckenhem was chosen to be Bishop.

X. How the monastery at Northorn was founded.

XI.  Of the death of that most devout Priest Florentius, Vicar of the
Church of Deventer.

XII.  Of the death of Everard of Eza, a Curate in Almelo and a great master of physic.

XIII.  Of the death of the Priest Amilius that succeeded Florentius at

XIV.  Of the first investiture of the Sisters of our Order in
Diepenvene near Deventer.

XV.  How the monastery in Budiken was reformed.

XVI.  Of the death of Gerard Kalker, a devout Priest, and Rector of the House of Clerks.

XVII.  Of the death of Henry of Gouda, a devout Priest, at Zwolle.

XVIII.  How the Sisters in Bronope were invested.

XIX.  The death of Wermbold the Priest.

XX.  Of the death of John Cele, Rector of the School at Zwolle.

XXI.  Concerning John Brinckerinck, a disciple of Master Gerard.

XXII.  Of the death of Gisbert Dow, Rector of the Sisters at Amsterdam.

XXIII.  As to the gaining of Indulgences at the stations in Rome.

XXIV.  The letter of the Cardinal of Bologna.

A letter concerning the first institution of the monastery at Windesem.


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