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     Fascines, bundles of rods or of small sticks of wood,
     bound at both ends and at intermediate points, used in
     filling ditches, etc.

Give the names of some distinguished American inventors.

Eli Whitney, the inventor of the Cotton Gin, born in Westborough, Mass., 1765; died 1825.  Jethro Wood, the inventor of the modern cast-iron plow, born at White Creek, N.Y., 1774; died 1834.  Cyrus H. McCormick, inventor of the mowing machine, born at Walnut Grove, Virginia, in 1809.

Who was the inventor of the Sewing Machine?

Elias Howe.  He was born at Spencer, Mass., July 9, 1819.  When a boy he worked in a cotton mill at Lowell, but afterwards entered a machine shop in Boston.  Here he conceived the idea of the sewing machine, and after long days of labor, part of which time he and his family lived on the kindness of a friend, he completed his invention.  After many struggles, his talent, industry, and perseverance were rewarded, and long before his death, which occurred in October, 1867, he had acquired a large fortune.


    Abyssinia, 142

    Adhesion, 201

    Affinity, Chemical, 197, 199

    Air, 17
      fixed, 112

    Albert Durer, 130

    Alchemy, 194

    Alcohol, 137

    Alexander, 161

    Alexandria, 168

    Allspice or Pimento, 51

    Alluvial formations, 152

    Almonds, 61

    Alphabet, invention of, 43

    Alum, 74

    Alumina, 154

    Amalgam, 20

    Amber, 18

    Ambergris, 66

    Analysis and Combination, 195

    Anemometer, 206

    Angelo, Michael, 162

    Anno Domini, 35

    Apelles, 182

    Apollo, 178

    Arabic, gum, 94

    Arabia, Felix and Deserta, 72

    Archipelago, 32

    Architecture, 156
      orders of, 159, 160

    Argil, 154

    Armenia, 67

    Arrow-root, 134

    Arsenic, 126

    Artesian Wells, 203

    Arts, 190
      liberal, 190
      fine, 191
      mechanical, 191

    Art of writing, 191

    Asbestus, 76, 78

    Astronomy, science of, 187

    Athenians, 23

    Atmosphere, 17

    Attraction, 201

    Audiphone, 204

    Aurora, the, 21

    Aurora Borealis, 22

    Australia, 31

    Author, 54

    Azores, islands of, 62

    Azote gas, 113

    Babel, tower of, 144

    Babylon, 145

    Bacon, Roger, 99

    Baize, 32

    Barbarians, 170, 183

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