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“I am pleased to hear you express such confidence in the undertaking,” and David looked into his companion’s face.  “I little realised that it would pay so well in such a short time.  I am very grateful to you for what you have done.”

“It will pay you regularly,” Mr. Westcote replied.  “I may as well tell you that this is one of the most remarkable companies ever formed.  Will you now mention the names of the principal ones to whom you wish to leave the rest of your interest?”

“There are only two, but I have such unlimited confidence in them that I feel I am making no mistake.  You know them both for they are Jasper Randall, the young foreman, and Miss Lois Sinclair.”

“Have you no relatives?” Mr. Westcote asked, concealing his surprise as much as possible.  “If you have, would it not be well to remember them in your will?”

“I desire that all I possess in this world should go to the ones I have mentioned,” David slowly replied.  “We will not talk about relatives, please.”

“Just as you say,” Mr. Westcote assented, as he rose to his feet.  “I shall have the papers drawn up at once.  In the meantime, you had better come and stay with me.  You will need a good rest after your trip.”

It was late in the afternoon the next day before the work upon the will was completed.  It was quite an elaborate affair, so David thought, and he had to study it carefully before signing it.  When at last all was finished, the car was waiting before the office to carry them back to Creekdale.

“I am going with you,” Mr. Westcote remarked as he took his seat by David’s side.  “I want to see that you get safely home.  And besides,” he added, “I wish to learn how the work is getting along up there.  I have just been telephoning to Mr. Randall, and his report is most encouraging.”



It was dark by the time they drew near to Creekdale, and as the car rounded a bend in the road David was astonished at the sight which met his eyes.  The entire way was brilliantly illuminated by hundreds of electric lights strung along both sides of the road.

David started, sat bolt upright, and clutched his companion by the arm.

“What is this?” he demanded in a hoarse whisper.  “Where are we, anyway?  I thought you were bringing me home.”

“So I am,” Mr. Westcote laughingly replied.  “We are at Creekdale now.  This is the work of your beloved falls.  Are you satisfied?”

“Oh!” It was all that the old man could say.  He leaned back in his seat and a sigh of relief escaped his lips.  It was quite evident that he was strongly moved by what he saw.

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