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“Why should he wish to do that?” Lois asked in great surprise.  “If he is an artist why should he want to take care of old David?”

“So you know the old man?” Miss Westcote enquired.

“Oh, yes.  And I know Mr. Randall, too.  He is so good to old David.”

“I know he would be.  I met him once at the Sign of the Maple with my father, and he seemed to be so different from most men.  He was so manly and had such a strong face.  I liked him as soon as I saw him.”

“He deserves great credit, Miss Westcote.  He is a self-made man, and his life has been a hard one.  He has had to struggle against many obstacles.  But he will win and make a name for himself, I feel quite sure.”

It was impossible for these two to be long alone in such a quiet spot.  Just when the conversation was becoming interesting, they were sought for by their partners for the next dance, and reluctantly they were forced to forego the many things they wished to say to each other.



The meeting with Margaret Westcote was a great event in Lois’ life.  Hitherto, her lot had been somewhat of a lonely one, with no special girl friend to share her confidences.  Her interests had always been so different from others that she was not looked upon by any as a boon companion.  She often reasoned with them and asked why they should make selfish pleasure the principal motive of living when they could have more enjoyment by putting self last and others first.

With Margaret Westcote, however, it was different.  She was after Lois’ own heart, and the two were as one in their interests.  Each supplied what the other lacked; one her vivaciousness, and the other her calmness of mind.  Their friendship was not a growth but a fusing at the first meeting.  They were now very much together, and Margaret took a keen interest in the work of getting the Christmas supplies ready for needy families.

Dick was delighted that this beautiful girl was so much at the house, and for the first time in his life he found Church work most interesting.  He was always ready to help, but was generally in the way.  It was quite evident that he was greatly in love with Margaret, though she on her part treated him as a mere boy and not as a lover.  He could not seem to realise that she was an excellent judge of character, and preferred men who did things instead of spending their time in idleness.  Lois understood the girl’s feelings, and the truth began to dawn upon her that Jasper Randall was Margaret’s ideal type of a man.  One who could battle and overcome was the man who appealed to her.  Whenever Jasper’s name was mentioned Margaret’s eyes would sparkle with animation, and she never tired of talking about him and the struggle he had made in life.

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