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“Take good care of that old man,” he said.  “Let nothing interfere with your watchfulness until you hear from me again.  Get the best place you can for him, no matter what it costs.”

That was all, but the expression upon the stranger’s face, and the impressive manner in which he uttered these words gave Jasper cause for deep thought during the remainder of the morning.



Jasper was now in a position to give up his entire time to old David’s interests.  No longer need he worry about working on the farm, nor how he was to obtain his daily food.  He was provided for a month at least, and he was most anxious now to enter upon the odd task which had been assigned to him.  Robert Westcote, the stranger, interested him greatly, and he felt sure that he should hear more about him later.

Having eaten his simple lunch, he started down the road.  The village of Creekdale was about two miles away, and there he hoped to find a house suitable for David.  The only man he knew in the place was the storekeeper, and from him he believed that he could secure some information, and at the same time get his cheque cashed.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and his heart was lighter than it had been for many a day.  He walked along with the swing of a man who has a definite purpose in life, and from whose heart all gloomy thoughts have been banished.  He did not try to account for this mood.  It was sufficient for him that in some way a load had been for a time lifted from his mind.  He would let the future look out for itself, and enjoy the present as far as it was possible for him to do so.

Reaching a clump of trees, he sat down by the side of the road to rest.  The shade was refreshing, for he was quite warm as he had been walking fast.  Birds sang in the branches above him, and fanned the air with their light wings.  Butterflies zigzagged past, and honey-laden bees sped by like express trains.  He watched them with much interest, and mused upon their activity.  Each had a special work to do, and was performing it to the best of its ability.  He was glad now that he was alive, and had something definite in view.  It was far better than groping around in a haphazard way looking for work.  Something seemed to tell him that he was entering upon the trail of a mystery and he was eager to follow the scent wherever it might lead.  The spirit of adventure was in his blood, mingled with the nectar of romance.  It had always been there, inherited from his ancestors.  It was that same spirit which had caused him to leave the farm and enter college several years before.  It had always been with him, and was stronger now than ever.  He would follow the quest to the end, and see what the outcome would be.

Jasper was about to rise and proceed on his way when, glancing along the road, he saw Lois coming toward him.  His heart beat fast when he saw her, and his first impulse was to get away out of sight.  Why should he meet her? he asked himself.  She had no use for him, and would not consider it worth while to talk to one of whom her brother and Sammie Dingle were always making fun.

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