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He was aroused from his musing by the sound of voices.  Looking quickly down toward the brook, he saw three people walking along the bank.  He recognised them at once as Lois, Dick and Sammie.  At first he was tempted to withdraw farther back among the trees lest he should be seen.  He abandoned this idea, however, feeling quite certain that he would not be noticed where he was.  Lois and Sammie were walking together, while Dick was a short distance ahead.  What they were saying he could not make out, neither did he care.  He had eyes only for the young woman, and he noted how beautiful she appeared as she walked with such an upright graceful swing.  Was she happy in Sammie’s company? he wondered.  She was laughing now, and seemed to be greatly amused at something her companion was saying.  Jasper noted all this, and then called himself a fool for imagining that she could ever think of him.  No doubt she had already given her heart to the young man by her side, so he might as well banish her from his mind at once.  He would go away and never see her again.

Acting upon this impulse, he was about to move softly among the trees and disappear.  He had placed his book in his pocket and had reached for his fish when a cry of terror fell upon his ears.  In an instant he was on his feet, peering keenly down to see what was the matter.  In a twinkling he grasped the whole situation.  Just across the brook a wall of rough rocks shelved upwards to the height of about twenty feet.  Below, the water swirled and dashed over jagged boulders, receiving its impetus from the falls farther up stream.  The path led along the top, and in some unaccountable manner Lois had slipped and fallen over the edge, and had gone swiftly down toward the rushing current below.  She grasped frantically at everything on which she could lay her hands, and was only able to arrest her downward descent when a few feet from the water.  And there she clung with the desperation of despair, while her two companions stood above half-paralysed with fear, and unable to assist her.

When Jasper saw Lois go down to what seemed certain destruction, he sprang forward and leaped down the bank as if shot from a catapult.  Into the brook he recklessly dashed and like a giant forced his way across the current and around hidden boulders.  At times it seemed as if he could not keep his feet and that he must be swept away.  But that picture of the clinging woman nerved him to superhuman efforts, and slowly but surely he edged his way toward her.  When a few feet from the base of the rock, he saw Lois relax and slip downward.  Barely had she touched the water ere Jasper with a mighty effort leaped forward and caught her in his arms.  Then in an instant they were both swept away.  Fortunately, Jasper was a strong swimmer, and as they shot forward he was able to keep Lois’ head above water, and work steadily toward the shore.

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