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“He won’t realise that we have gone,” Lois laughingly replied.  “He is very happy just now.”

Jasper and Lois were in no great hurry to reach the Haven.  Their hearts were happy, and as they walked slowly along Jasper told Lois all that had happened to him since the day of his arrest.

“I can never thank you enough for sending me that letter of encouragement, and what you have done for me,” he told her.

“Don’t try to do so,” Lois replied.  “It was a joy to me to be able to do something.”

They were standing beneath a big maple tree, and Lois was plucking at a wild flower she had just picked.  Jasper suddenly reached out, caught both her hands in his and held them tight.

“Lois, Lois,” he breathed, and his voice was intense with emotion, “I want you for my very own.  I cannot live without you.”

“Oh, look, you have crushed my flower,” Lois remonstrated, while a nervous little laugh escaped her lips.

“That is too bad,” and at once Jasper released her hands and placed his arms around her.

“Lois, I love you,” he murmured.  “I have loved you for years.  Can you love me in return?”

In reply Lois lifted her flushed face to his and their lips met.  The seal of their betrothal was set, and their young hearts were as one.  Time to them was nothing now in the rapturous joy of their sweet pure love.  Their past doubts, cares and trials were all ended.  They had started forth to reach the Haven nestling on the hill and they found on the way the real Haven which they had long been seeking—­the enchanted Haven of Love.

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