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Lois had the feeling that something was wrong, and she longed to go to the Haven and find out what it was.  She was almost tempted to leave the rest and accompany Jasper and Betty.  She banished this idea, however, thinking that after all there was nothing over which she should worry.  But in a twinkling there flashed into her mind the words Margaret had so lightly spoken over the tea-cup.  “I see a big black cloud, and it entirely surrounds you.”  Why did those words come to her now? she asked herself, and why should she have that strange foreboding of impending trouble?  So strong was this impression that she was inclined to hurry after Jasper and give him warning.  She did nothing of the kind, however, but during the remainder of the evening she was quieter than usual and took little part in any conversation.

Jasper walked by Betty’s side along the road leading to the main highway.

“How did you know where I was?” he presently asked her.

“We saw you this afternoon out on the river saving Miss Lois and Miss Margaret.”

“Why, where were you?”

“Mr. David and I were up on the hill.  We had just come back from a walk up the brook.  Mr. David was tired after his excitement, and so we sat down to rest.  It was then that we saw you.”

“What made Mr. David excited?” Jasper enquired.  “I suppose it was the great change he saw at the falls, was it?”

“Oh, no, not that.  It was the rolling log which did it.  You see, Mr. David was nearly killed this afternoon.”

At these words Jasper stopped short and looked keenly into Betty’s face.

“Nearly killed!  What do you mean?” he demanded.

“Yes, that was it.”  Then in a few words the girl told him what had happened up the brook that afternoon, and of old David’s narrow escape.

For a while Jasper walked slowly along the road after Betty had finished.  He was greatly puzzled, for he could not believe that any log would become loosened at the exact moment when David was directly in front of it unless there was something to start it on its downward course.

“Did you see any men working near the logs when you were there?” he at length asked.

“I didn’t see any,” was the reply.  “But we met several teams on our way up.”

“And you saw no one near the place at all?”

“We didn’t see any one near where we were going to have our lunch, but as we were coming home we saw the artist down by our brook.”

“You did?  And where was he?”

“Not far from Pyramid Rock.  I don’t think he saw us, for we hurried by as fast as we could.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I’m afraid of him.”

“What, did he ever do anything to frighten you?”

“No.  But he makes me shiver all over.  I can’t understand why it is.”

Jasper found David crouched in his big easy chair near the open window facing the falls.  His eyes brightened as the young man entered and sat down by his side.

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