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“I think I know what it is,” and Margaret looked intently into his face.  “You have sold out to the Break Neck Light and Power Company.”

“How in the world did you know that?” Mr. Sinclair asked in surprise.  “Why, I thought it was a dead secret.”

“So it was in a way,” Margaret smilingly replied.  “But, you see, I am supposed to know a little of what is going on.”

“And your father told you about it, did he?”

“Yes.  I have known for some time that he was hoping you would sell out, and thus avoid trouble.”

“Is it possible, Father,” Lois asked, “that you have sold out all your interest in the City Light and Power Company?”

“We’ve all sold out, and at such a figure that we are much satisfied.”

“Oh, I am so glad,” and Margaret clasped her hands before her.  “I was afraid that there might be trouble between you and father, and I did not want that.”

“There is no danger of that now,” Mr. Sinclair replied, “though there was at one time.  I never believed that the matter could be so satisfactorily arranged, for I had no idea that the new company would be willing to come to our terms.”

Margaret said nothing more, and while the others talked she took no part in the conversation.  She very well knew why the matter had been so amicably settled, and she smiled to herself as she thought of the several long conversations she and her father had had together.  But for her interference nothing would have been done, she was well aware of that.  She remembered how stubborn her father had been when she first suggested the idea to him.  But after he had considered it most carefully he realised what a good business proposition it would be.

“I believe Margaret is getting home-sick,” Dick remarked.

“Why, what makes you think that?” she asked, somewhat startled by the question.

“Because you are so quiet.  You haven’t said a word for the last five minutes.”

“She hasn’t had much chance,” Lois laughingly replied.  “You have been doing most of the talking, Dick.”

“Have I?” and the young man opened his eyes wide in apparent amazement.  “But I am going to be silent now and let Margaret tell my fortune.  She is a dandy at that,” and he handed over his cup as he spoke.

“Oh, I have told your fortune so often,” was the reply, “that it is getting to be an old story now.”

“Won’t you tell me mine?” Jasper asked, passing his cup.  “I should like to know what’s in store for me.”

Margaret took the cup in her hand and gazed at it thoughtfully for a few seconds.

“Do you really wish to know?” she asked.


“Well, then, I see great trouble ahead of you.”

“Whew!” Dick whistled.  “This is getting serious.  You’d better be careful, Spuds.”

“Yes,” Margaret continued, “I see a big black cloud, and it entirely surrounds you.”

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