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    Vittorio Emmanuele, monument to, 14.

    Vivarini, the, pictures by, 116, 152, 156, 190, 203, 210, 251, 261.

    Wagner in Venice, 104, 122.
      his statue, 264.

    Walton, E.A., picture by, 114.

    Whistler, J.M., his Venetian pictures, 114, 202, 273.

    Whitman, Walt, 77.

    Woods, Henry, his Venetian pictures, 273.

    Yriarte, his La Vie, etc., 147.

    Zattere, the, 271. 
      Browning at, 98, 274.
      a house on, 205.

    Zecca, the, 80, 84.

    Zeno, Carlo, 77, 260.

    Zeno, Cardinal, 29.

    Ziem, his Venice pictures, 273.

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