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When we were more composed, Pauline and I and young Peter went together to look at the presents I had brought back with me.  Pauline was delighted with the pearls and the fox-skins, but she at once decided that the skins would make a warm winter coat for baby, and a splendid rug for his little carriage.  I believe she would have given Master Peter the pearls to play with had he shown a fancy for them, but fortunately he did not notice them, so taken up was he in burying his face in the thick fur of the silver fox-skins.

What a home-coming this was for me after so much tossing upon the ocean, and so many wanderings into unknown lands, and how I trembled when I thought on the dangers I had passed, and how easily I might have lost my life, and thus forfeited the happiness that I knew was in store for me!

Well, my voyages were over now.  Never again would I leave my wife and child for the hazards of the sea.

When I told Hartog of my great good fortune he was warm in his congratulations.  I took my boy on board the “Golden Seahorse”, and presented him to Hartog.

“We must make a sailor of him,” said Hartog, when he had sat Master Peter upon the table between us in the cabin.  “He is a sturdy lad, and has the look in his eyes that seeks for space—­the look of the sailor, whose natural home is the sea.”

Could it be?  Who can tell?  Little Peter had a steadfast, far-off look in his eyes.  I had not noticed it until Hartog directed my attention to it.  Was it the call of the ocean?  The call to the Dutch, and the English—­seeking for space?

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