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I. I fall into captivity
II.  The black cannibals of new Holland
III.  The only white man in new Holland
IV.  The sea spider
V. The voyage continued
VI.  The fight on the sands
VII.  The spirit of discord
VIII.  Pearl island
IX.  Mutiny
X. I embark on A second voyage
XI.  A second voyage with Hartog to the south
XII.  The sea serpent
XIII.  The floating island
XIV.  An old acquaintance
XV.  The seaweed sea
XVI.  The island of gems
XVII.  Queen Melannie
XVIII.  A queen’s favourite
XIX.  I become chief cook
XX.  The snake god
XXI.  A plan of escape
XXII.  The night of the sacrifice
XXIII.  At the mercy of the sea
XXIV.  How my second voyage ended
XXV.  I arrive at Amsterdam
XXVI.  Happily married
XXVII.  Once more to the south
XXVIII.  The molucca islands
XXIX.  The voyage continued
XXX.  A Spanish settlement
XXXI.  The place of the painted hands
XXXII.  Marooned
XXXIII.  Captain Montbar
XXXIV.  We again explore the caves
XXXV.  I am kidnapped
XXXVI.  The male and female islands
XXXVII.  A task is set me
XXXVIII.  The slaying of the great crocodile
XXXIX.  I become A victim of domestic infelicity
XL.  The yellow parchment
XLI.  The ruby mountains
XLII.  The valley of serpents
XLIII.  We again leave new Holland
XLIV.  The islands of Armenio
XLV.  Sumatra
XLVI.  Mahomet Achmet
XLVII.  King Trinkitat
XLVIII.  Staten land
XLIX.  The cannibal islands
L. Again at the Moluccas
LI.  Getting back our own
LII.  Conclusion

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