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I would undertake to sound St. Petersburg, whether it would be possible for the four disinterested powers to offer to Austria that they would undertake to see that she obtained full satisfaction of her demands on Servia, provided that they did not impair Servian sovereignty and the integrity of Servian territory. As your Excellency is aware, Austria has already declared her willingness to respect them. (Established by Paper 3, July 24, and Paper 5, July 26, German “White Book.”)

Hence, we find that all King George said he wanted had been granted, and yet England entered into the war.  Why?  Probably because she thought, as France had expressed it, that she acted in pursuance of her interests.

And what is Germany fighting for?  Does she want anything from anybody?  She wants to be left alone; she always wanted to be left alone; she prospered while she was left alone; she grew while she was left alone.  Not being left alone she has to defend herself.  Hence, I bespeak for Germany and for her side fair play, just judgment on behalf of the American people.


New York, Oct. 17, 1914.



    Sodger lad, O sodger lad,
      The dawn will see ye marchin’—­
    The nicht drag’s on—­its dark is out
      Wi’ searchlichts, shiftin’, archin’.

    Sodger lad, O sodger lad,
      D’ye mind our Summer meetin’? 
    And noo, ye’ll gang.  The heather’s dead ... 
      I canna keep frae greetin’.

    Sodger lad, my sodger lad—­
      D’ye mind, my time is nearin’? 
    Alone—­alone—­wi’out yer hand! 
      How shall I keep frae fearin’?

    Sodger lad, O sodger lad,
      Far, far awa’ ye’re goin’—­
    I’ll not dare count the leagues an’ days—­
      Gude God!  The cocks are crowin’!

    Sodger lad, my luve, my dear,
      Awake!  The morn is grayin’! 
    E’en tho’ my heart drags, sick wi’ dread,
      I wouldna have ye stayin’.

French Hate and English Jealousy

By Kuno Francke.

It is easy to see why American public opinion should have condemned by an overwhelming majority the diplomatic acts of Austria and Hungary which have been the immediate occasion of the terrific explosion which now shakes the foundations of the whole civilized world.  Austria’s break with Servia and Germany’s violation of Belgian neutrality—­the one leading to war between Russia and Germany, the other bringing England into the fray—­must appear to the uninitiated as reckless and indefensible provocations and as wanton attacks upon the laws of nations.

The thoughtful observer, however, should look beyond the immediate occasion of this world conflict and try to understand its underlying causes.  By doing so he will, I believe, come to the conclusion that fundamental justice is to be found on the German side, and that Germany has been forced to fight for her life.

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