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For some time he spoke, and every word told of the burning rage which filled his heart.  His hatred to the English was intense, and he declared that the time of vengeance had now arrived.  With the aid of the Indians they would serve the newcomers as their fool of a king had served the Acadians.  He became greatly excited as he talked, dancing about, waving his arms, and shrieking forth words of defiance and revenge.  He cursed King George and the English in general, and called upon all present to unite now in a great effort to free the land from the newcomers, and to hold it for the expelled Acadians and the Indians who were their brothers and comrades in distress.

All this was hard for Dane to endure, and as he listened his nimble mind was forming some definite plan of action.  That it must be immediate he was well aware, as no doubt these rebels would not be long in carrying out their evil and treacherous designs upon the newcomers.  His mind naturally turned to Jean.  Suppose that band of men before him should sweep down unexpectedly upon the little settlement below Oak Point, how much mercy would they be likely to grant the Loyalists?  He imagined what would be the fate of the women, especially Jean and other maidens.  He shuddered as he thought of Joe Flazeet and his companions gloating over their victims.

“The English took the lands of the Acadians at Grand Pre because they wanted them for themselves.”  It was Rauchad speaking, and he was appealing to the Indians as Flazeet had done to the half-breeds.  “And as they took those lands, so they will take your hunting grounds and drive you out.  The Acadians had happy homes; what have they now?  Nothing.  They had plenty; now they are starving.  And who did this?  King George, our mortal enemy.  France and England are now at war.  But France will win, and this land will belong to us once again, and then the Indians will be well treated, and we will all live as one brother.  Let us do our part now in fighting for the good King of France.”

His words met with much approval, and when he had ended, Flazeet arose and outlined the plan of attack.  This was just what Dane was waiting to hear, and he missed not a single word.  He was greatly excited, and he controlled himself with difficulty as he listened to Flazeet.  The Loyalists down river were to be wiped out first of all, especially those below Oak Point and at Kingston Creek.  They would then move rapidly up river and have the entire country conquered ere assistance could reach the newcomers from Fort Howe.  It would be a clean sweep of the objectionable strangers, and what could Major Studholme do with the few men under his command?

When Dane had gained all the information that was necessary, he touched Pete on the shoulder, and in another minute they were away from the scene of wild revelry which had now begun.  It did not take them long to reach the narrow channel, and launch their canoe.  This they headed up stream, and with strong arms drove it through the water, straight for Oromocto miles beyond.

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