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[Illustration:  U]

Unicorn root,
Good at times for the health.

[Illustration:  V]

A beautiful Vine,
All alone by itself.

[Illustration:  W]

Wheat in the field,
Gently waved by the wind.

[Illustration:  X]

Xanthic flowers, which
Are a bright yellow kind.


The story of Topsy.

Topsy had four kittens, but as it was settled that we could not keep more than one, and little Milly Knight wanting one, the other two had to be drowned.  So Milly came one day and selected a nice little black and white one.  We were very sorry when Tom took the little creatures and put them in the pond at the bottom of the garden.  As they were very young and could not feel much, we thought Topsy would soon forget them.  Well, on the evening that they were drowned, while the cook was in her pantry, with the window open, she saw something come rushing along, and, in another minute, Topsy leaped through the window, carrying in her mouth one of the kittens, dripping wet, which she laid on the mat and began to lick with all her might.  And how she licked it!  Over and over, and over again, till, as the cook said, she “licked it into life.”  The little kitten got well, and became, owing to its narrow escape, and the love displayed, a great pet ever afterward.


Playing at horses.

The copies and the lessons
  Are finished for to-day,
And out the happy children
  At “horses” come to play.

Conny, and Frank, and Archie,
  With doggie “Trim,” are there;
Conny and Frank are harnessed,
  And Archie drives the pair.

Away, away they scamper,
  Across the breezy park;
And doggie runs beside them
  With merry, happy bark.

For breath they pause a minute,
  Then off they start again,
For they pretend they’re going
  To meet papa’s down train.


[Illustration:  Y]

To find these bright flags,
In the marsh you must hunt.

[Illustration:  Z]

A Zigadenus flower,
Changing color each month.



TROTTY’S card horses.

This stands
  Firm, and strong
Another one
  We’ll build hereon.

Keep away,
  Now we’ll see,
If ’twill hold
  A number three.

Try another,
  One more,
Raise it to
  A fourth floor.

Yet another;
  Oh, what fun! 
That’s too many—­
  Down they come.


Rat-tat at the door!  Rat-tat at the door! 
   Here are valentines one, two, three;
There is one for Harry, and one for Will,
   And a big one for girlie, see! 
Wildly she flies o’er the nursery floor,
   Never was girlie so happy before,
As she shouts in her baby glee—­
“Oh!  I’ve got a valentine, all come, look! 
As big as the sheet of a picture book! 
Now, don’t you wish you all, like me,
Had a great big heart painted red, you see?”

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