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Title:  Baby Chatterbox

Author:  Anonymous

Release Date:  September 11, 2005 [EBook #16681]

Language:  English

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New York
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Copyright by R. Worthington, 1880.

Transcriber’s Note:  the following corrections were made to the text: 
   couldn’t for could’nt
   foxglove for foxglore
   curtsied for curtised
   servants for sevants


A new little baby came down from the sky—­
  Came down from the sky in the night. 
A soft little baby, with violet eyes,
  Shining, and pure, and white.

But how did the little new baby get
  Down here from the depths of the sky? 
She couldn’t have come alone, you know,
  For she’s much too young to fly.

Oh! the angels carried her down in their arms
  From the far-away, beautiful blue;
Brought her down from the arms of God,
  A present to me and to you.

So, you see, we must kiss the baby,
  And give her a lot of love,
That she may not need the angels
  Till she meets them again above.


Dolly’s promenade.

“Dolly, my dearest, you really must walk,
You shall not be lazy, you never will talk;
And, as I’ve got all the talking to do,
I think you might please me by walking, don’t you?

“So, dolly, come out to the paddock with me,
I’ll show you the apples that grow on the tree,
I’ll show you the bees, and the butterflies, too,
The hills all so purple, the sky all so blue.

“You must walk, dolly, dear; see, your shoes are so gay;
You only have worn them twice since your birthday. 
Red hat and red feather—­now come, if you please,
Gently, my dolly, we learn by degrees.”

Ah! now you walk so very nicely, my dear,
You soon will be going as fast as a deer,
And then such racing, we will have all day long,
Playing “tag” in the very midst of the throng.


Where did it come from?

Hop, hop, hop!  In it came at the window, the dearest little yellow canary, not a bit afraid; chirping, turning its pretty head this way and that, and asking its little bird questions which nobody could understand.

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